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Sinclair College

LIVEWELL Resources

While it is true that you can find almost unlimited resources related to health and wellness with a Google search, LIVEWELL@Sinclair is also a great starting point and offers the added benefit of providing access to links and activities designed especially for Sinclair employees.

Stress Strategies

The videos below are produced by Sinclair’s wellness partner HealthWorks.  You can watch one or all three. (They are a series, so it is recommended to view all three in the order they are presented.)

1: SOS Stress - How Stress Impacts Your Body and Well-Being
    17:32 minutes

2: Stress Strategies - Taking a Positive Turn
    28:13 minutes

3: Stress Strategies – “In the Moment” A Stress Management Toolkit
    31:24 minutes


Kettering Health WellNotes

A monthly newsletter providing valuable information on nutrition, exercise and other important topics relevant to a healthy lifestyle. Click on the date to view each newsletter and download.

August 2022

Topics include: the warning signs of a heart attack, sleep to help curb food cravings, and how type of food and activity can help you live longer.
  Health Challenge: Spending Time Outdoors

  Ask the Wellness Doctor: Can walking every day really make a difference?

July 2022

Topics include: health benefits of a favorite summer fruit, replacing salt with delicious spices, tips on starting a walking routine, and a refreshing summer recipe.
   Health Challenge: Choose Healthy Fats
   Ask the Wellness Doctor: Reducing Seasonal-Allergy Symptoms at Home

June 2022

Topics include:  tips on preventing heart disease, beating hunger, strength training to lose weight, boosting your mood, and an easy summer time recipe.
   Health Challenge: Think Positive
   Ask the Wellness Doctor: Adding More Vegetables to Your Diet

April 2022

Step into Spring: Do This for 15 Minutes After Dinner; Did You the Message? Testing While Driving is Dangerous; Don’t Cry: Onions are Packed with Health Benefits
   Health Challenge: Improve Your Balance
   Ask the Doctor: What can I do to sleep better?

March 2022

Bottom’s Up: Do THIS to Beat the COVID Blues; This is Your Brain on Stress…Any Questions? Trying to Eat Healthier? Beware of Restaurant Meals
   Health Challenge: Read Food Labels
   Ask the Doctor: Can exercise help treat depression?

February 2022

Fit for Life: Top 5 Ways to Get in Shape in 2022; How to Beat High Blood Pressure Like a Super Bowl Pro
   Health Challenge: Rescue Your Resolutions
   Ask the Doctor: What foods help control blood sugar?

January 2022

Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals with a Wearable Device; Be Kind to Yourself to Prevent Heart Disease; Eat This to Prevent Age-Related Memory Loss
   Health Challenge: Practice Healthy Weight Habits
   Ask the Doctor: Can diet supplements help me lose weight?


Sinclair Library

The Sinclair library is also a great place to start for resources on all areas of LIVEWELL. Visit the Sinclair library wesbite to explore.