National Collegiate Honors Council

NCHC MissionStatement 

Established in 1966, NCHC is an organization of college and university faculty, students, administrators and others committed to honors education. Its mission is to serve as a voice for excellence in undergraduate education.  NCHC seeks to enhance opportunities (academic, cultural, and social) responsive to the educational needs of highly able and/or exceptionally motivated undergraduate students.  Specifically, the purposes of NCHC are to stimulate development of new honors programs and honors colleges; to support and nurture the growth of existing honors programs and honors colleges; to promote an understanding and appreciation of honors learning within higher education; to create enriched educational opportunity for honors students; to assist honors programs and honors colleges in improving intellectual discourse among all students and faculty; and to advance the professional standing and expertise of honors educators. 

NCHC seeks to reach these goals through communication among its members and through the creation and support of model honors programs and honors colleges.  Specifically, NCHC sponsors: 

1.    National, regional and state conferences and forums organized to inform and support beginning and continuing honors programs, educators, and students;

2.    Publications devoted to current issues, research, and innovations in honors teaching and learning;

3.    Inter-institutional learning experiences and exchange programs for honors students;

4.    Committees and programs serving specific constituencies and/or addressing special issues of importance to honors;

5.    Assistance in the establishment, evaluation and improvement of honors programs;

6.    Support for and recognition of the scholastic achievement of honors students; and

7.    Special projects which advance undergraduate honors education.

Additionally, NCHC continually seeks out and supports other means to provide resources for the enrichment of local honors programs or the honors movement in general. 

For further information, contact: 

Elizabeth C. Beck, Secretary/Treasurer
IowaState University
JischkeHonorsBuilding, Ames, IA  50011-1150
(515) 294-9188
FAX: (515) 294-2970

Approved by the NCHC Executive Committee (10/31/01)