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Sinclair College

Articles and Sample Proposals


Print copies of the following Council for Resource Development New Century Series Resource Papers can be ordered online from the Council for Resource Development.

  • "Grants Development at Sinclair Community College: A Case Study from a Single-campus, Urban Institution," by Neil Herbkersman, 2001
  • "Establishing an Institutional Review Board at a Community College," by Neil Herbkersman and Karla Hibbert-Jones, 2007

Sample National Science Foundation Proposals

The following are sample National Science Foundation (NSF) proposal narratives that were developed by Sinclair Community College. Feel free to download and use them as examples when developing your NSF projects. View a list of all NSF awards and subawards that Sinclair has received.

  • The STEM Guitar Project (1700531)
    This project is helping high school and college students increase their interest, engagement, and learning of STEM principles, practices, and careers through hands-on guitar design and construction.
  • Bridging the Gap in Automated and Connected Vehicle Technology Education (1700383) Automotive manufacturers are collaborating with Sinclair to teach community college automotive faculty across the country about emerging technologies that support autonomous vehicles.
  • Increasing Technician Preparedness in the Built Environment (1600455)
    This architecture technician education project is developing and disseminating new curricular modules for undergraduate students enrolled in architectural technician and construction management associate degree programs, and provides professional development for community college faculty and staff.
  • Building an Academic Pathway for the Aerial Sensing Data Analyst (1601038)
    Sinclair and partners are developing a competency-based, hybrid postsecondary certificate for a new Aerial Data Sensing Analyst program, to increase preparedness for entry-level employment in UAS/GIS.
  • NSF TUES Virtual Online Testing Strength Simulation (1245496)
    Sinclair and partners Bloomsburg University (PA) and the national office of Project Lead the Way (IN) will develop and disseminate an open source, online virtual tensile strength testing simulation for use in undergraduate engineering technology and high school pre-engineering PLTW programs.