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Hertz Rental Car

Rental Car Program through the IUC-PG (Inter-University Council Purchase Group

How to make a reservation:

Use discount code 2191611 for College business rentals.

Contracted Rates:

As of October 19, 2019

Insurance coverages are included on business rentals only

Base Rates
Vehicle Type Daily Weekly 30 Days
Compact/Economy (B) $29.15 $160.30 $657.22
Standard - Intermediate (C&D) $33.17 $182.41 $747.87
Full Size (F) $36.18 $198.99 $815.86
Passenger Vans
Mini-Van (R) $58.29 $320.60 $1,314.44
12 Passenger Van (specialty) (M) $79.40 $436.67 $1,790.36
Sm. SUV (5 Passenger) (L) $63.32 $348.23 $1,427.75
Lg. SUV (7-8 Passenger) (T) $84.42 $464.31 $1,903.67
Green Vehicles
Intermediate Hybrid (E6) $42.21 $232.16 $951.84
Premium/Luxury (I, G) $84.42 $464.31 $1,903.67

Are there qualifications to rent a vehicle?

  • All rentals must be paid for using a Sinclair Procurement Card
  • All renters must be 21 or over
  • All renters must have a current and valid driver’s license
  • All renters must be listed on the Sinclair approved driver’s list. If you need to be added to this list, contact Business Services at 937-512-2518.
  • The procurement card holder must be present to sign the rental contract upon acceptance of rental card
  • All renters are responsible for securing payment before the rental is released (via SCC P-card)
  • If any additional drivers are needed on the rental contract, Hertz must be notified and the additional drivers must be on Sinclair’s approved drivers list

How do I coordinate picking up my rental car?

All vehicles will be delivered to Sinclair by a Hertz agent. The vehicle will be dropped off at the dock area of Building 6 (off of Robert Drive). Renters will be required to meet a Hertz agent to sign for the vehicle.

How do I buy gas for my rental car?

Purchase gas using your Sinclair Procurement Card. When you turn in your monthly P-card report, indicate that the gas purchase was for a rental car.

Pay for gas with your own money and process a check request for reimbursement.

How do I return my rental car?

The Sinclair employee renting the car is responsible for informing Hertz when vehicle is ready to be picked up, either at the time of the reservation, at the time of delivery, or once the car is back at Sinclair.

When the car has been returned to the specified rental location at the Building 6 shipping dock, please leave the keys in the Mail Center, Building 6, Room 040. There is a mailbox on the wall in the Mail Center marked for “Hertz Rental Car Key Drop.” The Hertz agent will pick up the keys from that mailbox.

After closing hours: Contact the Sinclair Police Dispatcher (937-512-2700) and let them know the location and type of vehicle so they have documentation of the returned vehicle.

15-Passenger Vans

Use of 15-passenger vans is not permitted by Sinclair Community College. 15-passenger vans may not be purchased, rented, borrowed, loaned, or in any other manner, received for use by or on behalf of Sinclair.

Leisure Program:

Hertz provides all Ohio travelers with the ability to use the corporate rate program for Leisure travel. Please note that some benefits do not apply on personal such as: LDW, Liability protection and underage renters.

All Ohio travelers can register for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards for Free. The loyalty program allows travelers to skip the counter and go directly to their vehicle.

Contact Information:

Ryan Hayes

O: 937-280-0922
M: 937-671-7335

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