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Building the Collective Responsibility for Student Learning Newsletters
Archived copies of the Sinclair Community College newsletter designed to heighten the understanding of the inegrated relationship between curriculum, general education, and assessment.

Resources Related to Assessment Tools and Methods
Training opportunities, print and web based resources, and and links to glossaries of terms for assessment of student learning, including general education.



Web Sites:

Comprehensive Assessment Program
Kin's College launches a course-embedded assessment program that provides "students with clearly defined expectations, personalized feedback on growth, and timely interactions of areas needing extra attention."

Embedding Assessment of Student Learning in General Education
This is a PowerPoint presentation from AAC&U Conference on General Education & Assessment: Generating Commitment Value and Evidence. The Gen Ed guidelines presented are based on course-embedded assessment.

General Education Requirements (GERs)
Office of Planning & Assessment at the College of William & Mary
This Web site provides links to the College's GER assessment components, timeline, and report outline.

General Education Courses (The Liberal Arts)... Why They Are Important to College Success.  Lakeland Community College Counseling Services Guidelines For Academic Success Series, 2003.

General Education Definition:  North Dakota State College of Science

The General Education Program Home Page:  University of Cincinnati

General Education at Ivy Tech Community College
Ivy Tech Community College has designed general education courses to integrate basic skills such as thinking, reasoning, communication, and adapting to change.

General Education a Core Requirement at St. Louis Community College
This is one of the many Web pages at the General Education site of St. Louis Community College. Note the basic courses on the left menu column. The introduction explains how general education has been integrated into the curriculum to enable students to see the connections among their courses.

General Education Goals for AGE Degree
Central Piedmont Community College awards an Associate in General Education degree. The college has integrated the basic knowledge and skills into many of their required general education courses. 

Assessment Forum: 9 Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning*
By Alexander W. Astin, et al.
Supported by the American Association for Higher Education Assessment Forum, this Web site lists nine principles for assessing general education of student.

Computing Across the Curriculum: General Education Application Form*
Treat this as a sample application form. Note the assessment plan for each competency.

General Education Skills Assessment**
An excellent site from the Office of Evaluation, Research, and Grants of the University of Maryland University College. This is a well organized site the provides the levels, tools, and resources for assessing general education across the institution.

Information Literacy and Research
A list of links to tools and resources are also given in this category.


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Web Sites

New General Education Test Succeeds the Academic Profile
ETS (Educational Testing Service) introduces the Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress (MAPP) test. "The MAPP test is designed to assess general education outcomes to improve the quality of instruction and learning... it focuses on academic skills rather than knowledge developed through general education courses."

General Education and Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Arizona Western College

General Education Learning Outcomes Johnson County Community College

General Education Learning Outcomes Lane -- Vanguard Learning College Project

Middle State:  General Educatioin Community College of Allegheny College

Core Curriculum Massasoit Community College

Institutional Effectiveness 2004, Goal 3:  General Education Portland Community College


Eck, James C.  "Assessing Student Outcomes in General Education at Samford University."   Journal of General Education 51.4 (2002): 316-325.  Education Abstracts.  Sinclair Library, Dayton, OH.  29 Apr. 2005.

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Web Sites:

ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education
These standards were approved by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) in January 2000. This site consists of the definition of information literacy. Its standards, indicators and outcomes are also included.

An Assessment Plan for Information Literacy
This is an assessment plan developed at Indiana University Libraries to assist faculty to incorporate the assessment of information literacy into their academic curriculum.

Assessment and Certification: Information Literacy
Florida Community College at Jacksonville requires degree-seeking students to meet certain information literacy requirements in order to graduate. This site has answers to many questions.

CPE: Computer Placement Exam
This Santa Fe Community College Web site describes guidelines for the computer placement exam implemented for all their students.

Information Literacy in the First-Year Experience
Passaic County Community College has integrated information literacy into the curriculum of every first-year student. This site describes how.

Information Literacy Resources
A resourceful site is provided by College Center for Library Automation (CCLA) on information literacy: planning, implementing, and assessing... your information literacy program.

What You Need to Know: CSA Objectives
A simple Web site tells the story of computer literacy at the College of Southern Idaho. Students are encouraged to take the Computer Skills Assessment test that aligned with the Internet and Computing Certification.


Characteristics of Programs of Information Literacy that Illustrate Best Practices: A Guideline
This article attempts to identify and describe elements notable in best practices of information literacy programming for undergraduate students at four-year and two-year institutions.

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Grosset, Jane. Graduate Assessment of Technological Preparation for Transfer and Employment. Community College of Philadelphia. Office of Institutional Research, Report #96, December 1997.
Although it was published in 1997, it is worth reading. Assessment questionnaries are included in the appendices.

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Kidder, Mary Lou. Sauk Valley Community College Course Outline: CIS 109-Introduction to Microcomputers-Windows. 2005.
A detailed description of the course, giving outcomes and assessment of each component of its objectives.

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