Boot Camps

August 2010

Started with the Math Boot Camp, which is an intensive review of developmental math content for students who test just below the next level of developmental mathematics. The materials for this camp were developed concurrently with the research phase of the math modules project.  It is a “pencil and paper” and condensed version of the content in the math modules course. In August of 2010, the boot camp was offered in a one-week, three-hours-a-day format in August, three weeks prior to the start of the fall term. Students took a free re-take of Accuplacer, which enabled them to test out of a level of DEV math if their scores indicated they were ready to do so.

  • Results: 16/19 (84%) students tested out of one level of DEV; 2/19 (10.5%)  tested out of 2 levels of DEV; 1/19 (5%)  tested out of 3 levels of DEV.

December  2010 

Offered a boot camp for Math, English and Reading with the following results:

DEV 297 Section Successful Students Success Metric Success Rate
BC Math 085 13/21 P 65.00%
BG Reading 065 7/8 A, B, or C 87.50%
BH English 110 8/8 A, B, or C 100.00%
BI MAth 085 9/17 P 52.94%
BJ Reading 064 4/5 S 80.00%
BL Math 108 8/13 A, B, or C 61.54%
BM Reading 065 7/7 A, B, or C 100.00%
BN English 110 5/5 A, B, or C 100.00%
All sections: 61/81 A,B,C,P, or S 75.31%

We will track these students in subsequent quarters to check their success rates.