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Sinclair College

Reporting Procedures for Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Stalking, and other forms of Sexual Misconduct.

Sinclair strongly encourages victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and/or other forms of sexual misconduct to report the incident to law enforcement and to the College for appropriate resolution and support.

Sinclair strongly encourages any individuals who believe they or someone else has been the victim of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, or other form of sexual misconduct off-campus to contact local law enforcement. If the incident has occurred on campus, contact Sinclair Police at 937-512-2700 or dial 9-1-1 from any campus telephone.  (Note:  Dialing 9-1-1 from a cell phone will connect to Dayton 9-1-1 and could delay response by Sinclair Police.

Filing a police report will not obligate the victim to prosecute the alleged perpetrator or subject the victim to scrutiny or judgmental opinions from Sinclair. Filing a police report will:

  • Ensure that the victim receives the necessary medical treatment and tests;
  • Provide the opportunity for the collection of evidence helpful in prosecution, which cannot be obtained later (ideally a victim of sexual assault should not wash, douche, use the toilet, or change clothing prior to a medical exam); and
  • Assure the victim has access to confidential counseling through Counseling Services at Sinclair, the Montgomery County Victim/Witness Division, and/or the City of Dayton Victim/Witness Office.

A victim of an assault has the option to notify law enforcement authorities. The victim may choose for the investigation to be pursued through the criminal justice system and the college judicial affairs process, or only the latter. Sinclair Police will guide the victim through the available options and support the victim in his or her decision. The victim can decline to notify law enforcement authorities.  

A Title IX investigation that is independent from any criminal investigation will also be conducted by the Sinclair Title IX Coordinator. The Sinclair Title IX Coordinator is responsible for the prompt and impartial investigation of reports and allegations of sexual misconduct. The Sinclair Title IX Coordinator will conduct a fact-finding process and effectuate steps to reasonably end any sexual misconduct, discrimination, or violence.

If an individual becomes the victim of a sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, or other forms of sexual misconduct, the first priority should be for the victim to get to a place of safety.  The victim should then obtain the necessary medical treatment. Sinclair Police strongly advocates that a victim of these crimes report the incident in a timely manner.  Time is a critical factor because of the importance for preserving evidence that may be needed for prosecution, and may assist in obtaining a protection order.

Sinclair Police will assist the victim in navigating through the criminal justice system. Sinclair Police will also pursue on-campus disciplinary procedures through Student Judicial Affairs.  Both the accused and the victim are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present and both parties will be informed of the outcome of any hearing. Sanctions imposed by Student Judicial Affairs range from verbal warnings to expulsion depending on the severity of the offense.