Portfolio-Based Evaluations

Sinclair recognizes that the classroom isn't the only place where learning occurs. Many students bring to Sinclair a wealth of learning experiences and knowledge they've gained from work, outside interests and life itself.

A portfolio is a detailed summary of a student's individual learning experiences. It consists of a written description of experience, and most importantly, what learning was gained from the experience. The document includes a brief life history; a statement of individual student goals; a description of the experiences and related learning, matched to courses listed in the Sinclair catalog; and supporting documentation.

To prepare the portfolio, students must enroll in PRL 1100, Prior Learning Portfolio Development. In this 2 credit hour course, students work with a faculty member to create individual portfolios.

Once the portfolio has been completed, Sinclair faculty knowledgeable in the specific area of learning evaluate the portfolio for appropriate college credit and grades based on the demonstrated competency. The final grade will appear on the student's transcript. There is a $45 fee assessed for each course submitted for evaluation.