Here are a number of ways that your student can find money to pay for college. Since many students become overwhelmed at the thought of paying for college / applying to scholarships, we recommend partnering with your student and using the followinginformation to assist you in your search.

In addition, the Office of College Readiness Centers offers a wide variety of workshoops throughout the academic school year. Please check the Calendar of Events  for a list of dates and times.  If you would like to see a workshop hosted at your school, please contact your CCRC / CRC Facilitator.

Financial Aid

No matter where a student decides to go to college, they must complete their FASFA, which is what wil determine their eligibility for government grants and loans, as well as an estimate of their financial need. Each college will wait to recieve a student's FASFA report prior to creating any financial aid packet.

To complete the FASFA, go to . Once there, you will need both yours (the student's) and your parent's tax information to complete the appliation.

Scholarships and Grants
  • Create a Financial Aid Notebook or Accordion Folder, with sections for:
    • Official Transcripts
    • Recommendation Letters (2 From Teachers, 1 from a Counselor and at least 1 from someone in the community-NOT Related to You)
      • If the authors of the letters are willing, have them give you an E-form of the letter so that you can print extra copies for multiple applications. If they agree, never change their wording except to change the date / keep the letter to-date. I.e. I had this student this year… you could change to I had this student last year…. If there was a need.
    • Acceptance Letters
    • Scholarship Essays (at least 2) written by the student that can be tweaked for different scholarship competitions.
      • Save multiple copies for yourself and be sure to send the correct amount of copies. I.E. They may have a review board and require 10 copies, don’t depend on them to make the copies, you make them and send them in.
    • Tax Information
      • From the previous year, for both the student and the parents.
      • W-2’s and 10-40’s for both the parents and the student.
      • FASFA: keep multiple copies of the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC).
    • School Cost Information
      • Have a printout of what the estimated costs is for the school(s) that your child is looking at attending/ has been accepted to.
    • Scholarships
      • Keep information about each of the Scholarships you are applying for
        • Keep copies of everything that you have applied for and that you have sent in.
  •  Talk to Your Student! -Make sure that you are on the same page about costs, scholarship apps deadlines etc.
  • If your student is male, make sure that you register him for the Selective Service at age 18 or you will be unable to apply for Federal Aid.
  • Apply for EVERYTHING! Let them deny you, don’t deny yourself! If you have a 2.89 and the scholarship requires a 3.0 still apply. They may round up or not have enough apply.
  • Check with your church and your parents’ work to see if they offer any scholarships or aid.
  • Check with the school counselors for any scholarships (local or otherwise) that they are aware of. Remember they won’t come to you; you need to go to them. Also ask them for multiple official transcripts that you may send out with your applications.
  • When looking for scholarships, bookmark ones for sophomores, juniors and seniors in college that your student can apply to throughout their college career.
  • Keep your grades up! Do not slack off the last half of your senior year! Your spring GPA can still affect scholarships and other assistance.
  • With Local Scholarships You can ask if the money or a portion of the money can be given to the student for incidental college needs (laptops etc) or if they would give it to the school bookstore as a debit account so that the student may use the money to purchase books and supplies.
1.      Your High School Counselor
2.      Fast Web:
4.      J.P. Morgan Scholarship\launchingleaders
5.      Truman Scholarship Foundation
6.        Scholarships and
7.      Free Guide to all Government Grants, Scholarships and Loans
8.      Free-4U
There are many, many more. You can type anything into to find scholarships:
I.E.           Scholarships for Men /Women
                 Scholarships for Athletes
                 Scholarships for Minorities
                 Scholarships for specific Majors (i.e.: Business, Art, Theater, Athletic Training etc)
                 Scholarships for Grandchildren and children of Vets
                 Scholarships for Adopted Children / Foster Children
                 Scholarships for Tall Students / Left Handed Students etc
                 Scholarships for 1st time Students / 1st Family member to go to college
  • Be Creative and be willing to look and have fun with your search
  • Remember always apply for everything and to follow the scholarship guidelines completely.  
  • Be sincere and humble in your applications and essays.