Academic Resource Center
 Academic Resource Center (ARC)
The primary goal of the Academic Resource Center (ARC), is to offer prospective students an opportunity to improve their basic skills in math, reading, and writing prior to enrolling in college. Students will need their ACCUPLACER (Sinclair placement exam) scores in order to be properly placed in the curriculum, before working in the ARC Lab. 
The ARC is designed to assist students in preparing for college level courses. Students will work on a computer based curriculum, the PLATO Pathways System.
Location: The ARC is located on Sinclair Dayton Campus, in L-001 in the upper Level of the    Library, by the Tartan Market Place.
Phone: 937- 512-3495
Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday 9 am -4pm and Friday 9:30 am- 2 pm