Can students enter Sinclair Community College if they don't know English very well?
Yes, but every student must be at least functional in English and able to work in a class without the need of a translator. Students should contact the ESL Coordinator at 937-512-3099 or at paul.carbonaro@sinclair.edu.

How can someone become a student?
Students must be graduates from high school either in their home country or in the United States or have a GED. The ESL Coordinator can help in applying to Sinclair, getting financial aid and more.

How much does it cost?
The cost depends on a student's residency status: 1) Montgomery County or 2) Ohio or 3) Out of State.

Do students need to take a test?
All students will take a placement test--usually the ESL listening test. Graduates of American high schools and students with an F-1 Visa will immediately take the full range of placement tests: reading, writing and math.

What facilities does Sinclair have?
Students can use the library, bookstore, garage, physical activities center (PAC), cafeteria and laboratories. They may also use the child care center. Sinclair does not have student housing.

Where do students park at Sinclair?
The most typical parking location is the student parking garage on Fifth Street. The cost is reasonable.

Is the bus route close?
The campus is downtown and close to bus lines.

Are there other English as a Second Language Programs in the Dayton Area?
Yes, there are several. Contact the ESL program coordinator for more information.