Financial Assistance

Financial Aid
Students who need assistance with the cost of college may be eligible for scholarships, grants, or loans. The Financial Aid & Scholarships office can help identify which resources are available for each student.
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Displaced Worker Scholarship
The Sinclair Community College Board of Trustees established this scholarship to provide funding for special training to Dayton area workers, their spouses, and dependents who might be involved in plant closings or forced manufacturing layoffs.

WIA Funding for Displaced Workers
WIA is a state funded, county administered program assisting individuals in acquiring skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment, which can include funding for retraining. Eligibility and suitability for retraining funds are assessed at the local state work agency.
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TAA Funding for Displaced Workers
TAA is a federally funded, state administered program providing retraining funds for workers displaced by shifts in production resulting from international trade. Eligibility is determined via employer petition to the Department of Labor. Suitability for funding is assessed at the local state work agency.
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