Sinclair provides assistants to read and/or write for certain students with disabilities, depending on the type of disability and the nature of the academic task.

Reader/writers are for:

  • In-class reading or writing assignments
  • Assignments that must be completed in labs
  • Assignments that must be completed in the library

Reader/writers are generally not used for:

  • Lecture notes, where a volunteer notetaker may be used
  • Tests, which are usually taken in Tutorial Services with a proctor, unless the test requires materials that must be used in the classroom
  • Homework (volunteers from Phi Theta Kappa may be arranged)

Requests for a reader/writer should be submitted to the Department of Disability Services at least two weeks in advance of the start of the quarter.

If you use a reader/writer, you are still responsible for their own learning. Reader/writers are fellow students who are trained to assist you with a disability in those specific tasks that the disability impacts, without becoming involved in the academic content or serving a tutoring role.

Students who are sponsored in school by the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR) or the Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired (BSVI) should check with their counselor about the funding of reader/writer services through the agency. You are responsible to make your own arrangements and to provide payment paperwork from BVR/BSVI.