Requests for American Sign Language interpreters may be made by contacting Disability Services in person in Building 10, Room 10421 or by calling (937) 512-5113 (v) or (937) 512-3096 (TTY). Please allow two weeks for a request to be filled.

To request an interpreter for any event other than a scheduled class time (e.g. tutoring, advising, field trip, or open labs) complete a Request for Special Services from Interpreters Form available in the Department of Disability Services.

Communication and the Interpreter

The sign language interpreter is a paid professional hired by the college to facilitate communication between you, your instructor, the hearing class members, and/or any other person requiring communication assistance.

At the beginning of each quarter the interpreter is assigned a schedule of classes to interpret. The interpreter’s role in the classroom is defined by a set of ethical standards established by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and is upheld Disability Services.

  • The interpreter will position him or herself in the classroom to best meet your needs. Often this will mean the interpreter is in front of the class with the instructor.
  • The interpreter will communicate the content of the course in a method you can most readily understand.
  • The interpreter will neither add nor delete any interaction which takes place in the classroom. Disruptive sidebar conversation reported by the student will be addressed accordingly. The interpreter’s job is not to tutor; all or your questions will be relayed directly to the instructor.
  • The interpreter is in the classroom to facilitate communication only, NOT to run errands, to proctor exams, or to discuss your personal life.