Holistic Counseling and Student Development Workshop Video

Counseling Services provides videos of workshops that promote student competencies and general education outcomes which facilitate student success.  These videos provide information and offer tips and steps to "conquering the obstacles that prevent the attainment  of your educational goals" and achieving your learning outcomes.  We are providing videos on the following topics for your review:

Time Management:               mms://wms.sinclair.edu/26642Windows.wmv

Procrastination Solution:     mms://wms.sinclair.edu/26643Windows.wmv

Critical Thinking:                     mms://wms.sinclair.edu/26137Windows.wmv

Learn to Learn:                           mms://wms.sinclair.edu/44922Windows.wmv


BMTT Economic and Culture 01 mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43521Windows.wmv
BMTT Economic and Culture 02 mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43522Windows.wmv
BMTT Orrin Hudson mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43537Windows.wmv
Conquering Math Anxiety Pt 1 mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43465Windows.wmv
Conquering Math Anxiety Pt 2 mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43482Windows.wmv
Develop and Improve Math Skills Pt1 mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43523Windows.wmv
Develop and Improve Math Skills Pt2 mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43524Windows.wmv
Emotional Self Control mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43499Windows.wmv
Face the Fears - Gwen Jones Part1 mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43503Windows.wmv
Face the Fears - Gwen Jones  Part2 mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43504Windows.wmv
Self Confidence Thomas McElfresh Pt 1 mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43505Windows.wmv
Self Confidence Thomas McElfresh Pt 2 mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43506Windows.wmv
Self Esteem 101 Pt 1  mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43481Windows.wmv
Self Esteem 101 Pt 2  mms://wms.sinclair.edu/43480Windows.wmv