Clubs: Academic, Leadership, & Special Interest

American Sign Language Club
This club will increase the interaction among students, faculty, and staff at Sinclair Community College who are involved in the American Sign Language Program. Club members will interact with the local community and professionals in the field of American Sign Language and Interpreting. Advisor: Jessica Minor Telephone#: 512-2722 Email:

Art Club
The mission of the club is to find the creativity and liveliness of any subject which one can proclaim as art and bring into light the opportunities available for each subject. Advisor: Kimberly Borst Telephone#: 512-2938 Email:

Biotechnology Club
This club plans to benefit Sinclair by offering club members opportunities for personal growth by engulfing them in the biotechnological field through service learning and networking with industry leaders and professionals in the biotechnological community. Advisor: Susan Luken Telephone # 512-3049 Email:

Choral Music Association
The Choral Music Association (CMA) is a SCC student service organization that encourages, advertises and showcases the choral music ensembles and Music Department at Sinclair Community College. Under the auspices of the SCC Music Department and the Student Leadership Development office, the organization fosters positive student attitude and involvement. To become a member of the CMA, one must be a registered member of at least one of the SCC choral ensembles. Student officers plan activities, raise funds, and encourage student participation and membership in the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) and the Ohio Collegiate Music Educators Association (OCMEA) for future choral music professionals. Advisor: Nolan Long Telephone#: 512-2540 Email:

Culinary Club
Culinary Club will serve to develop professionalism among its members, provide opportunity with public for contacts with persons working in the field; and encourage personal enrichment, academic and career advancement. Advisor: Derek Allen Telephone# 512-2381 Email:

Dietetics' Club
The purpose of the association is to provide direction and leadership for quality dietetic practice education and to promote optimal health and nutritional status of the population. Advisor: David Clark Telephone# 512-2546 Email:

Paralegal Student Association
The purpose of this association is to create opportunities for paralegal students to build professional relationships with each other, with alumni and with professionals in the paralegal field. Advisor: Elizabeth Orlando Telephone: 512-5111

Psychology Club
The purpose of this club is to promote the field and use of psychology in all professions. Advisor: Marlow Davis Telephone: 512-5167 Email:

Respiratory Therapy Club
The purpose of this club is to promote general understanding and personal growth in the field of Respiratory Therapy, provide information about career opportunities, and perform community services Advisor: Sanja Keller Telephone# 512-4400 Email: SADHA 2nd year: The purpose of this club is to promote a better understanding of the Dental Hygiene profession. Advisor: Sheranita Hemphill Telephone#: 512-2565 Email:

Social Work Club
The purpose of this club is to raise awareness and increase participation in events related to community issues and needs. The club will provide information on careers and college opportunities related to social work. Advisor: Sandy Apgar Telephone #: 512-2708 Email:

Student Chapter of the North American Veterinary Technician Association
The club's purpose is to increase interaction among students, faculty and staff at Sinclair Community College. This club will provide community service, information on careers and increase basic understanding of Vet Med. Advisor: Natalie Fleck Telephone#: (937)512-2095 Email:

Student Medical Assistant
This club's purpose is to provide positive role models to new and prospective medical assistants. Also, to offer leadership skills while encouraging professionalism as outlined by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), to educate the community about the Medical Assistant profession, to provide community service activities, to gain experience and enhance skills, and to act as a source of support for one another . Advisor: Judy Kronenberger Telephone#: 512-3088 Email:

Disney Club
Our members want to share the excitement of their Disney experience with you, and talk with you about their participation in a one-of-a-kind combination of education and work called the Disney College Program. Disney Club Advisor: Rex Mt.Castle Telephone#: 512-2123 Email:

National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)
The mission of the National Society of Leadership and Success is to build leaders, support people in achieving their dreams. Advisor: Dennis Wilson Telephone: 937-512-3276 Email:

The purpose of the Sinclair Toastmasters Club is to increase interaction among students, faculty, and staff at Sinclair Community College. The club will increase general understanding and interest in the field of Oral Communications and Leadership Skills and encourage members to read and to listen analytically. Advisor: Tom Roberts Telephone#: 512-2284 Email:

A Culturally Educated Sisterhood (A.C.E.S)
The purpose of the A.C.E.S Sisterhood is to instill in our members unity, pride and respect, for ourselves, our college and our community. We will provide a vehicle to increase the self-esteem of its members through mentoring, by providing peer group support, academic, cultural and social education. In addition the women's group will provide service to the community and support the college's initiative for recruitment, retention and increase the graduation rate of women. Advisor: Karen Williams Telephone#: 512-2934 Email: Advisor: Dominique Starr Telephone#: 512-3055 Email: Advisor: Brenda Smith Telephone#:512-3338

African American Culture Club
The purpose of this club is to develop unity among Sinclair Community College African American students, staff and the community. The club will serve as a network to inspire, challenge and motivate African American students to achieve higher goals. Advisor: Boikai Twe Telephone# 512-2913 Email: Advisor: Bobby Beavers Telephone#: 512-3032 Email:

Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics
The purpose of this club is to increase a general understanding of atheism and promote tolerance of philosophical diversity. Advisor: Anne McCrea Soltysiah Telephone# :( 937)512-2716 Email: Advisor: Marlow Davis Telephone#: (937)512-5167 Email: Advisor: Brandon Jablonski Telephone#: (937)512-5327 Advisor: Mohsen Khani Telephone#: (937) 512-5183

Breastfeeding Moms of Sinclair Organization
The purpose of the club to protect and educated the mothers on breastfeeding their babies through support and empowerment. Advisor: Melora Newsome Telephone#: (937)512-2722 Email:

Brite Signal Alliance
The purpose of the club is to promote awareness and education at Sinclair Community College and the community at large concerning gay men and lesbians; to promote a positive image of gay men and lesbians as purposeful, productive members of a diverse society; to end discrimination against gay men and lesbians based on sexual orientation; to educate Sinclair Community College and the community at large concerning AIDS as a fatal disease affects both homo and heterosexual individuals and to offer support to gay men and lesbians who may experience the adverse effects of a homophobic society. Advisor: Jane Cammel Telephone#: 512-2616 Email: Advisor: Kara Brown Telephone# 512-3437 Email: Advisor: Jamie Fries Telephone# 512-2970 Email:

Campus Bible Fellowship
This club encourages the understanding of Biblical Christianity through Bible study, discussion groups, prayer, and counseling. Advisor: Donna Chadwick Phone: 512-4578 Email:

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries
The purpose of this organization is to provide an atmosphere of love and acceptance modeled by Jesus Christ for the students of Sinclair by educating students through Biblical teachings and discussions, worshiping God as demonstrated in the New Testament, planning and participating in community service projects and socializing with each other, and encouraging healthy physical, academic, social and spiritual growth. Advisor: Michael Gaines Phone: 512-3829 Email:

College Republicans Club
The purpose is to make known and promote the principles of the Republican Party among members of the Sinclair Community College campus and community. Advisors: Kathleen Sooy and Jennifer Sooy Telephone#: 512-2782 Email: or

It is a nondenominational Christian organization comprised of Sinclair Community College, Wright State University, Miami University and Cedarville University students. The purpose of this club is to tell others about Jesus Christ, to provide a community for Christian students seeking such in their college experience, and to help them grow in their walk with God. Advisor: Taylor Watkins/Sue Steck Telephone#512-2313 Email: or

Dogs on Campus Club
The purpose of the Dogs on Campus Club is to interact with members of the local community and professionals in the field of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Behavior, but specifically with 4 Paws for Ability Organization. Advisor: Carolyn Worthen Telephone#512-3119 Email:

Global Awareness and Action Club
The purpose of this club is to raise awareness about global issues. Advisor: Kathy Rowell Telephone#: 512-3116 Email: katherine.rowell Advisor: Mohsen Khani Telephone #: 512-2183 Email: Advisor: Derek Petrey Telephone #: 512-2092 Email:

Green Machine
The purpose of this club is to provide educational and volunteer opportunities pertaining to green energy and sustainability, and foster a community on campus. Advisor: Robert B. Gilbert Telephone#: (937)512-2317 Email: Advisor: Barbara Gilbert Telephone#: (937)512-2894 Email:

History and Global Awareness
The purpose of the club is to promote history learning and sharing, link history with global issues to understand the roots of historical and world issues. Advisor: Yufeng Wang Telephone#: (937)512-2248 Email:

International Student Organization
The purpose of this club is to create culture awareness in the community of the diverse cultures, perform community service and welcome international students to Sinclair and assist them with their transition to their new school and environment. Advisor: Paul Carbonaro Telephone# 512-3099 Email:

The purpose of this club is character development and discipline in the martial arts. Advisor: Maurice Evans Telephone# 512-2860 Email:

Latter Day Saints Student Association
Established by the Dayton Ohio East Institute of Religion to help students attending a college or university have a balanced secular and spiritual educational experience during their years of formal education. Advisor: Eric Dunn Telephone: 512-3866 Email:

Muslim Student Association
The purpose of the MSA club is to provide an environment for the development and networking of Muslims on campus while fostering a sense of community between Muslims and Non-Muslims through education. Advisor: Abdullah Johnson Telephone: 512-2019 Email:

Scholars of Black Communication
This club is a collegiate organization examining the perception of the black experience in the United States through the lens of communication theories and concepts. This group is open to all Sinclair Community College students interested in learning about the complex issues of Black America. Advisor: Robert Leonard Telephone#: 512-2105 Email:

Sinclair Capoeira
The club's purpose is to promote and share the history, culture, music, ad general aspects of Capoeira. Advisor: Derek Petrey Telephone: 512-2092 Email:

Sinclair Intramurals Club
The purpose of this club is to provide an enjoyable program and activities that will foster the development of physical fitness and that will promote interest and participation in recreational sports. Advisor: Nila Peavy Telephone#: 512-2342 Email:

Sinclair Tartan Cheerleaders
The purpose of the club is to increase Sinclair's spirit at our athletic events. Advisor: Tracey Brown Telephone#: 512-2534 Email:

Traditional Values Club
The purpose of this club is to promote and raise awareness among students, faculty and staff at Sinclair Community College of the importance of traditional values. Advisor: Vickie Lair Telephone#: 512-2313 Email: