Student Senate

What is Student Senate?

Student Senate is a student advocacy group that serves as the voice of the Sinclair student body. Student Senators who serve on the Student Senate represent and then advocate for changes on campus and solutions to concerns and/or challenges that are brought to their attention by peers.

Who is on Student Senate?

There are 11 areas of representation and 4 four officer positions for a total of 15 members when at full capacity. The 11 areas of representation are academic and geographic based with Senators representing the following areas: each of the 6 career communities (STEM, Business and IT, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Creative Studies, Health Sciences, Public Safety and Justice) each of the regional locations (Eaton, Englewood, Huber Heights and Mason) and 1 pre-college representative. The 4 officer positions are: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

How do I get involved?

If you have a suggestion that you would like to make to the Student Senate on how you think that they can advocate for a better experience at Sinclair, please complete a comment card.

Current open positions include:
  • Creative Studies Career Community
  • Englewood Campus Representative
  • Huber Heights Campus Representative

Complete the application for open senator position

Contact Information

If you have any additional questions about Student Senate please contact the Office of Student and Community Engagement, Room 8025, Phone 937-512-2509.