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Locker Rentals

Student & Community Engagement offers currently enrolled students a locker rental service at the Dayton Campus. Lockers are $5 (full locker) per term, $4 for half lockers. Students may rent lockers for up to three consecutive terms before renewing. Eligible students agree to the the below terms and conditions. Tartan cash is the only form of payment accepted. Monies can be deposited on the Tartan Card at the Bursar office or via a students' my.sinclair online account.

Interested in renting a locker, visit Student & Community Engagement at the Dayton Campus - Room 8025.

  • Lockers available in buildings 1 through 6 and building 9 and 13

Terms and Conditions of Locker Rentals

  1. Student & Community Engagement nor Sinclair College are not responsible for any loss or damages to personal property.
  2. Proof of registration in the form of a schedule or fee-bill must be shown in order to rent a locker.
  3. Only one locker can be rented at a time. If it is discovered that more than one locker has been rented, student forfeits their rights to all the lockers rented during the current term.
  4. There are no refunds of locker rental fees for any reason.
  5. Student is responsible for being aware of the locker expiration date. Student understands and agrees that if they fail to clean out their locker by the published date, the contents of the locker will be held for two terms and then disposed of.
  6. The locker agreement may be terminated with notice to the email account provided for, but not limited to: violations of Sinclair Student Code of Conduct, withdrawal from college, and/or violation of this agreement.
  7. No personal locks may be used, and if a personal lock is used, the lock will be removed from the locker and no reimbursement will be given for the lock that is removed.
  8. The contents of the locker rented cannot be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct or any local, state, or federal laws.