Records of Requests for Access and Disclosures Made from Education Records
All requests for disclosures of information contained in a student’s education record or for access to the record made by persons other than Sinclair Community College officials or the student or those requests accompanied by the student’s prior written consent will be submitted tithe FERPA Coordinator. The FERPA Coordinator will approve or disapprove all such requests for access and disclosures and, except for requests for directory information; the Coordinator will maintain a record of these actions.
This record will be the college’s record of requests and disclosures from education records as required by section 99.32 of the FERPA regulations.
This record of requests for and disclosures made from education records will be available only to the FERPA Coordinator or the record custodians, the student, or to Federal, State or local officials for the purpose of auditing or enforcing the conditions for federally-supported educational programs. The record will include at least:
1.    The name of the person or agency that made the request;
2.    The interest the person or agency had in the information;
3.    The date the person or agency made the request; and
4.    Whether the request was granted and, if it was, the date access was permitted or the disclosure was made.
The College will maintain this record of disclosures as long as it maintains the student’s education record.