Directory Information
Sinclair Community College proposes to designate the personally identifiable information   contained in a student’s education record listed below as “directory information” so that the college may, at its discretion, disclose the information without a student’s further prior written consent:
1.       The student’s name
2.       The student’s date and place of birth
3.       Dates of enrollment
4.       Participation in officially recognized activities and sports; including special honors, distinctions, and awards
5.       Weight and height of student athletes
6.       The student’s major field of study
7.       Degrees or certificates earned;
8.       Most recent previous educational institution
9.       Address; including e-mail address
10.   Phone numbers
11.   Digitally captured identification photos
12.   Digital records of student use of college facilities (e.g. locker room)
13.   College issued student identification number (Tartan number)
During the first month of each academic term, Sinclair Community College will send an electronic notice to currently registered students at their student email address, providing them the opportunity to review the above list, or a revised list, of the items of directory information it proposes to designate as directory information.
Students may notify the FERPA Coordinator in writing at any time if they do not wish this information released. When the FERPA Coordinator receives a student’s request to not release directory information about the student, the FERPA Coordinator, the Director of Registration & Student Records will mark the student’s computer file accordingly. No further disclosures of this information will be made without the student’s prior written consent except to parties who have legal access to students’ records without written consent.
Custodians of records will refer all requests for directory information about students to the FERPA Coordinator unless the Coordinator has authorized a custodian to disclose certain items under specified circumstances.