Adding or Dropping Classes

Once a student has registered for courses, he or she may make changes to the schedule through the Late Registration period of each term as listed on the Academic Calendar. The student may:

At the end of the Late Registration period, the student will need written authorization from the appropriate academic division to add any additional classes or to change sections of a class. Students may continue to add courses that have not yet met. In certain circumstances it may be possible to add a course that has already met; the student must see an academic advisor in the Aademic Advising Center, room 11-346.

Changing Sections of a Course

Students may change into any open section of the same course after the Late Registration period upon presentation of a letter from his or her employer verifying a work schedule change. The above procedure is applicable through the last day for withdrawal with a "W" grade. The letter must be taken to the Academic Advising Center, room 11-346, for approval.