Fresh Start Policy

"Fresh Start" allows a student, who has returned to the college after an absence of at least three years (12 academic quarters), and has completed specific requirements, a "one time only" option of having his or her grade point average recalculated from the point of re-enrollment without losing credit for previous course work for which a grade of S, P, C or better was earned.
The academic Fresh Start Policy and its conditions are as follows:

1.  To be eligible for Fresh Start, a student must:

  • Be re-enrolled in the college after an absence of at least three calendar years (12 academic quarters
  • Have successfully completed any required DEV courses anytime during their college experience based on an assessment of reading, language usage, writing and numerical skills. (NOTE: Although a student may have taken placement tests and completed DEV courses prior to their return, retesting may be appropriate for course placement based on student's current skills. Students should meet with an academic counselor to discuss testing and course selection.)
  • Successful completion of a minimum of six credit hours after re-enrollment with grades of S, P, C or better.  The following are examples of completion of the minimum first six credit hours.  DEV courses do not count toward the 6 credit hours.
         Example 1 - 1st quarter: 6 hours
         Example 2 - 1st quarter: 3 hours; 2nd quarter: 3 hours
         Example 3 - 1st quarter: 12 hours
         Example 4 - 1st quarter: 2 hours; 2nd quarter: 3 hours; 3rd  
                              quarter:  8 hours
  • Request in writing that the policy be applied and the cumulative GPA be recalculated.

2.  The policy can be applied only once and only to classes taken before re-enrollment.  Once approved, the application of this poly against the student's record is irrevocable.

3.  After a student elects Fresh Start and eligibility is verified, a notation will be added to the student's transcript indicating that all Sinclair credit hours earned prior to policy enactment will be subject to the following conditions:

  • the previous cumulative GPA is recalculated based upon the elimination of D, F, and Z grades
  • credit earned at Sinclair with a grade of at least S, P, C or higher is carried over
  • credit earned at Sinclair with a grade of D is forfeited
  • grades from all course work taken at Sinclair will be shown on the transcript

4.  Fresh Start may not be applied to any course completed prior to the award by the college of an Ohio Board of Regents authorized certificate or associate degree.

The academic transcript will show:

The Fresh Start Policy has been applied for academic work taken at Sinclair prior to Term/Year.

5.  Those students who feel that they may qualify for "Fresh Start" need to contact their academic counselor within their program of study.  The counselor will determine if the criteria has been satisfied.  If satisfied, the student will be told to fill out the petition; return the completed petition to their counselor for signatures.  The counselor will forward the petition to the Registrars Office to have the record adjusted.  Please allow 2 to 3 weeks after completion of the petition to have the records adjusted.