University of Dayton/Sinclair Academy

Sinclair Grad

The University of Dayton/Sinclair Academy allows you to seamlessly move into a University of Dayton program of study after earning an Associate degree (or completing 30 hours of pathway course work for engineering majors) at Sinclair.


  • Opportunities to extend your Sinclair coursework into one of 24 high-demand majors at UD
  • Access to UD career advising, job fairs and co-ops and internships while at Sinclair
  • Support from a UD peer mentor and UD academic advisor
  • Access to more than 240 student clubs and organizations at UD
  • Development of a UD cocurricular transcript and online portfolio
  • Admission to UD athletic events, including basketball games
  • Complimentary access to recreation facilities, including RecPlex, UD’s state-of-the-art recreation and aquatics center
  • UD email address and access to the internal website to stay informed on activities, announcements and resources
  • Significant cost savings - you will benefit from the University of Dayton's transparent tuition plan, which eliminates all UD fees and locks in tuition for your junior and senior years at the rate in effect at UD during your first year at Sinclair.

Did You Know?

  • Through the UD Sinclair Academy, you'll earn a University of Dayton education at a fraction of the cost - saving up to $40,000.
  • 97% of UD graduates are employed, in graduate school or in a full-time volunteer program within six months of graduation?
  • As a member of the academy, you'll also be eligible for additional funding
    • Including up to $500 per semester for your textbooks
    • Including up to $3,000 to help fund a study abroad experience

Consider these five reasons to complete your Associate degree before transferring*

  1. Provides you with an important, marketable credential
  2. Locks you into your college course credits ensuring the credential has a lifetime value
  3. Transfer seamlessly to a four-year school ensuring you enter as a college junior
  4. Popular 2+2 programs and accelerated degree completion programs at four-year colleges and universities recognize the value of your Associate degree. Without the two-year degree, you may not be eligible for these programs.
  5. Saves you time and money!


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