Ohio University/Sinclair Partnership

The best track to a degree from Ohio U

Looking for the best track to a degree from Ohio University?

Use a Sinclair Pathway program and earn your associate degree from Sinclair then transfer seamlessly to Ohio University. Planning a transfer route requires making informed decisions throughout your time at Sinclair. We are here to help you achieve your academic goals.


  • Ohio University has 7 articulation agreements with Sinclair, ensuring seamless transfers into bachelor-degree granting programs for Sinclair graduates.
  • Support from a partnership manager from Ohio University to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Options exist among Ohio University's offerings for Sinclair graduates to complete their bachelor’s degree through distance learning.

Did you Know?

  • Ohio University offers Sinclair students a unique 3+1 degree plan for a bachelor degree in Technical and Applied Studies, where students can study for three years at Sinclair’s lower tuition rate before finishing the fourth year as an Ohio University student in an online format. Students don’t ever have to leave the Dayton area!

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