Student Employment

Sinclair offers students part-time employment opportunities on campus.  Positions are categorized as Regular or Work Study.  Regular Student Employment is available to any eligible student.  Students must have a Federal Work Study award to apply for work study positions.  Students who do not have a Federal Work Study award may contact a financial aid representative to see if they qualify.  

Regular Student Employment:

For information on regular student employment, click here.

Student Employment through Federal Work Study:

What is work study?

Work Study is an important source of financial aid and can be awarded as part of the financial aid package for students with financial need. Opportunities are available at the Sinclair Community College campuses and regional learning centers as well as through participating community service organizations.


To be eligible for federal work study at Sinclair Community College, you must meet these requirements each term:

  • Be a degree-seeking student or enrolled in an eligible certificate program.

  • Be enrolled in at least six credit hours. Audit classes do not count.

  • Maintain Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is work-study? Federal Work-Study is federally funded.  It is a financial aid programs that enable students to earn money (like a part-time job) toward college expenses by working on campus or off campus through approved nonprofit agencies serving the community.

How do I find out if I am eligible for Work-Study? Complete the Federal Work Study Request Form and submit the completed form to the Financial Aid and Scholarship office.

What does my Work-Study dollar amount mean? If your financial aid package includes the initial maximum of $3,500 in Work-Study, that is the total amount you can earn in a Work-Study position. Your financial aid offer splits it into $1,750 fall and $1,750 spring but you can earn up to your maximum eligibility anytime during the aid year.

Can I keep working if I'm not enrolled or graduate? If you withdraw, are dismissed, or graduate, you cannot continue in a Work-Study position. It ends on the last day of your enrollment. If an employer wants to retain your services, your earnings must be paid out of the department or agency’s payroll budget. You must notify your employer if you have a change in enrollment below 6 credit hours.

If I don't work do I have to give the money back? Since you don't receive the money until you earn it, and you can't earn it without having a Work-Study job, there is no money to give back.
How much do work study position pay? On-campus positions students will make $7.85 an hour for the 2014-2015 Financial Aid Year.