Guide to Repaying Your
Federal Direct Student Loans


Grace Period n.
A period in which a debt may be paid without accruing further interest or penalty.

De·fer·ment n.
A deferment allows you to postpone your scheduled monthly payments if you meet specific requirements.

for·bear·ance n.
If you do not meet the criteria to qualify for a deferment, you may be allowed to temporarily stop making payments with forbearance.

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Sinclair Community College organized your loans on behalf of the Federal Stafford Direct Loan Program while you attended at least half-time. Now that you are no longer attending at least half-time your loans will be coming due and you are expected to work directly with the Direct Loan Servicing Center for all of your loan repayment needs. Important contact information is at the bottom of the page.


This guide provides important information about your obligations as the borrower and the Direct Loan Servicing Center’s obligations as the loan servicer. Because your student loan from the Federal Government was made possible through the collection of income taxes, it must be repaid.

In this guide you will find information on:
what to except when you stop attending school →
managing your loan payments →
managing your finances wisely →
repayment plans →
how to contact your loan servicer →
consequences of student loan default →