Steps toward Career Success

First Year

Career Success
  • Clarify who you are and what you want through personal reflection and self-assessment
  • Meet with your academic advisor to come up with courses that meet your needs based on your interests and goals
  • Get a list of majors and minors and determine which ones interest you
  • Ask professors, counselors, advisors, family and friends about their experiences in college and what paths they took when deciding on a career
  • Research majors and careers on the Internet and in the Career Resources library
  • Get involved with clubs and organizations that interest you and match your career goals
  • Begin identifying career options for your area of study
  • Gather information from resources and interviews
  • Begin building marketable leadership skills
  • Seek out career-related work experience

Second Year

  • Add skills through activities and work
  • Research employment opportunities to pursue after graduation
  • Establish and initiate a job search plan
  • Fine tune résumés and contact employers
  • Prepare and practice interviewing skills
  • Investigate and use on-campus recruiting services

Academic Advising
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