Hiring Steps

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Steps to Hire Student Employee

  • Complete the Request for Student Employee Form.
  • Submit the Form to Financial Aid & Scholarships for posting. Candidates will apply for your position via your Instructions on Form.
  • Complete an Intent to Hire Form for each applicant you wish to consider and forward to Human Resources. Background checks are processed for each of the applicant whose "intent to hire" was submitted. Employers are notified when background checks are completed and HR will complete the necessary paperwork on the employer final
  • After making hiring decision, the new employee must review the Student Employment Handbook

Supervisor Responsibilities After Hire

  1. Monitor the credit hour enrollment of the student employee (Colleague).
  2. Provide the appropriate training and work space for each student employee.
  3. Monitor the remaining FWS award for Work Study students.
  4. Notify Financial Aid & Scholarships when positions need to be opened closed or modified.
  5. Notify Financial Aid & Scholarships if there is a problem with a student employee that cannot be resolved.
  6. Be certain that the students time sheets are accurately completed before submitting them on a timely basis (see below). The supervisors signature certifies that the student have actually worked all reported hours.
  7. Notify the Financial Aid & Scholarships when a students employment has been terminated (Termination Form).  

Payroll & Timesheets

Paychecks are distributed the 15th and 31st of each month. Timesheets for Student Employees must be submitted by the supervisor to Payroll Department at the established date (refer to Payroll Calendar); timesheets fo Work Study students must be submitted to the Financial aid office prior to be sent to Payroll. Timesheets should be provided or made available to the employee by the supervisor. Completed timesheets should be verified, signed and submitted to the proper office by the supervisor by the last working day of the pay period.

Didn't Receive a Check? Why?

  • Payroll notification has never been submitted to Financial Aid & Scholarships by supervisor.
  • Rate of Pay on Timesheet different than rate of Pay on Payroll notification.
  • Person who signed Timesheet not same as person who signed Payroll Notification form
  • Dates listed as "worked", do not fall within dates given on Payroll Notification. (eg Start dates, End dates)
  • All parties not signed off on Time Sheet 
  • Data missing from Timesheet (eg SS#, Dept & Account#)