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Employment Types  

Regular - Hiring office pays 100% of the student employee's salary. Hiring office can hire any student with the required credit hours.
Work Study Only - Candidates for positions must have Work Study Award. Work Study Students work study allotment pays 100% of the students salary, until the allotment is depleted. After WS award has been depleted, employer must shift student to regular and cover the salary thru budget or discontinue employment.

Students with Work Study Awards are eligible to apply for either Regular or Work Study Only positions. Students without Work Study Award are limited to applying for the Regular student employment positions. In both cases, basic student status requirements need to be met as well (currently enrolled, 6 credit hour courseload minimum, 2.0 GPA minimum).

Registration Requirements  

A student employee is defined as a Sinclair degree-seeking or certificate-seeking student in good standing who is taking 6 credit hours or more. Audits courses will not count toward the six-hour requirement while noncredit DEV courses will. This applies during all quarters including the summer quarter. Human Resources will monitor status (student in good standing) and credit hours each quarter. The determining day for enrollment will be the 14th day of each quarter. Withdrawal after the 14th day from courses does not disqualify the student unless the withdrawal takes the student out of good standing. This requirement applies to existing student workers as well.

Applicant must be able to pass a background check.

Work Hours 

A Student employee is able to work up to 20 hours per week while attending classes.


Effective Jan 1, 2012, all student employees will be paid a single wage -- $7.70 per hour. This will be in compliance with the Federal Minimum Wage increase as of Jan. 1, 2012.


Students scheduled to work four (4) consecutive hours are entitled to take one (1) 15 minute break. Students scheduled to work six (6) consecutive hours are entitled to a 15 minute break and a 30 minute lunch break.  

Payroll & Timesheets

Pay checks are distributed on the 15th and 30/31st of the month. Time sheets must be submitted by the required date (refer to Payroll Calendar) and will be provided or made accessible by the employee supervisor. The completed time sheet will be returned to that supervisor for verification and signature before submission to the appropriate office. For Regular student employees completed timesheets are sent to the Payroll office; for Workstudy student employees, completed timesheets are sent to Financial Aid office.

PERS Exemption

To be EXEMPT from Public Employees Retirement System and the required payroll deductions, a student must carry 6 credit hours every quarter. If a student drops below 6 credit hours anytime during a quarter, they will be become a contributing member of the PERS retirement system. Reimbursement of contributions can be done upon termination of employment with the submission of the PERS reimbursment form.

Financial Aid & Scholarships
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