JobLink (Member) Registration

To use the Employment Services and JobLink employment website, students must be registered with a valid username and password. The following steps explain the registration process.

Step 1—Determine Eligibility
Requirements for registration include any one of the followings conditions:

  • You are currently enrolled with at least 50% of your current degree program completed, at least a 2.0 GPA, and a plan to graduate within two terms (dependent on class scheduling).
  • You are graduate of a Sinclair degree program.
  • You received a certificate from Sinclair.

Please note: Your resume must meet minimum standards and be approved by a staff member in order to gain full access to JobLink.

Step 2—Attend an Orientation Session
On Campus: If you meet any one of the above requirements, you are eligible to register for Employment Services. Eligible individuals must attend an Employment Services orientation session. The orientation, conducted by a member of the Student & Community Engagement staff, explains available services and demonstrates how to use the JobLink online recruitment website. Usernames and passwords for online access are provided during orientation. Sessions last approximately 30 minutes and are conducted by appointment only. Eligible candidates can make an appointment for a session by emailing or calling 937-512-2509.

Off Campus: JobLink Orientations can also be completed if you are not able to come to the Dayton Campus. Click on this video for your virtual orientation. Once you have watched the video you must take an online quiz and answer all 5 questions correctly in order to proceed. Click here to take the quiz. Once you have answered all 5 questions correctly, a staff member will contact you about the next steps, which will include a resume review.

Step 3—Online Registration, Résumé Uploading and Job Searching
After completing orientation and receiving a username and password, you can complete the online registration process and upload your résumé(s) to the JobLink system for résumé referral purposes. You can access the JobLink web portal for:

  • Personal JobLink account information
  • Online career-specific job listings
  • On-campus interview scheduling
  • Résumé uploads
  • Employer research

Your account status is always active until you request inactive status or until you are inactive on your account for longer than three months. (You cannot log in to your account if your status is inactive. You can alter your status as needed by emailing or calling the the Student & Community Engagement office.)

Student & Community Engagement
Sinclair Community College
Room 8025, 444 West Third Street
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