Employment Services FAQs
Listed below are some of the more popular questions related to Employment Services provided by the Student & Community Engagement office.
  • Who can register for Employment Services?  Alumni, Graduates and prospective graduates with 75 credit hours towards their Associate degree program and a quarter or two away from graduation can register for Employment Services. Graduates who have completed a one year certificate can also register for Employment Services as well. 
  • When can I register for Employment Services   Alumni and Graduates of Sinclair can register for Employment Services any time they wish. Prospective graduates should follow the guidelines listed in the previous question to determine their eligibility. To register call the office at 512-2509 to schedule an appointment for an Orientation.
  • What does the Orientation consist of?   The Orientation is an tour of the office as well as an explanation of Services and responsibilities. The Services that are highlighted include: Joblink services, On-Campus Recruiting, and the Job Matching / Resume Referral. The Orientation concludes with a demonstration of the Joblink Registration procedure and an explanation of the Services available via the Internet. It take approximately 45-50 minutes to complete an Orientation and appointments can be scheduled Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Call 512-2509 to make an appointment.
  • I will not graduate for another year, am I eligible to use the Employment Services?  Ideally, we recommend that you be 2 semesters away from graduation but as long as you have completed 75 credit hours towards your current degree, and maintained a 2.0 GPA, you are eligible to register for Employment Services. To maintain an active status, the student must be registered each quarter until graduation occurs.
  • Why are Employment Services reserved for Alumni, Grads and near Graduates?  Employment Services are intended to provide students who have achieved their degree with links to employment in career related fields. Our focus for full-time career related employment is focused squarely on that group. General full and part time job postings are available for any student. The JobBoards in Room 8025 and in Bldg 11 display jobs forwarded by employers to be made available to Sinclair students.
  • What happens after I register?  After the registration process, which includes completing the Joblink Personal Profile and uploading and publishing a .rtf or .doc version of your current resume, our office refers resume to employers with full-time career related openings. After reviewing the referred resumes, employers are directed to contact the candidates by phone or email to arrange an interview. The employer will identify themselves and how they have recieved the individuals resumes.
    It is recommended however, that individuals check the JobLink jobpostings and refer themselves for postions that they are extremely interested. Sending a resume and cover letter personally for posted position may provide an advantage for qualified applicants.
  • How long will I remain 'active' for Employment Services after registration? Registered candidates remain "active" until you notify us otherwise. Inaccurate Personal information such as address phone n umber or email address or an out-of-date resume could be a reason for our office to "inactivate" a students account. It is important to review your online information and upload a current resume every 6 months even if the resume has not changed. The upload date is the criteria used to keep the resume database fresh for employers to access.

**When a candidate secures employment, that candidate should notify the office either by phone or email and ask to be placed "browse only". "Browse Only" status removes the resume for further referral, but allows the candidate to still browse the jobs openings, interview schedules and Career Center Calendar.

  • Can I register for Employment Services even though I am currently employed? Yes, if you fulfill the registration requirements, candidates can register for Employment Services. The Resume Referral process cannot filter out the candidates current employer, who may receive the employees resume for any postings the employer may have. Some individuals register for Placement Services as "Browse Only" so that they browse the job board and submit their own resumes to the employers for employment consideration. "Browse Only" status turns the Resume Referral and Online Resume "off" and allows the user to control there own resume referral process.
  • How does Student & Community Engagement link employers with graduates and alumni? Joblink allows Online and Offline job posting/resume review/referral. The Online method allows the employer to post directly to our JobLink site and download relevant resumes directly through the system. The Offline process consists of the employer faxing or submitting job descriptions offline and having our office match registered members to incoming jobs and refer those matches to that employers. If the employer requests a 'Post Only' job posting, Student & Community Engagement posts the job on behalf of the employer and each interested applicant will refer him/herself to the employer by sending a resume and cover letter using application instructions provided in each Job description.


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