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The Student & Community Engagement office offers Employment related services to a wide variety of individuals that include students, graduates, and community members. While the actual JobLink Employment services are available to registered JobLink members only, job postings and other services are available to all interested job-seekers. |  updated flyer

Graduate (Member) Employment Services   |   eligibilty/registration info
Eligible graduates and prospective graduates are provided a personal account in the JobLink Interfase system. This system allows registered members to post resumes, view career related job listings and apply online for those positions posted by our employers. The Student & Community Engagement office also provides resume referral services for registered members for relevant job postings. To determine your eligibilty requirement and steps to register click the link above.

Student (Visitor) Employment Services   |   view current openings
The Student & Community Engagement office posts all employment opportunities to a single website. Students or visitors not eligible for member accounts login using the "visitor" account to view the job types listed below.

  • On-Campus Student Employment - job listings for students who are currently attending and maintaining a minimum six credit hour schedule. Job listings include "Regular" and "Work Study Only" positions. 
  • Off-Campus Student Employment  - jobs posted by employers to be available to students or community members for part-time seasonal, temporary and non career related full time jobs. (* Hardcopy Job Postings also available in Student & Community Engagement, Room 8025)

On-Campus Interviewing | more
Students can participate in On Campus recruiting program by registering for Employment Services, using the criteria listed above to determine eligibility. On-campus recruiting offers direct inetrviewing opportunities with employers.

Interview Stream 360 Simulation Software | more
Students can practice interview techniques and respond to interview questions by using this software. Optional Webcam recording of the simulated interview can be used to review things such as posture, body langauage and appropriate verbal responses to questions. Interview simulator is availble on a walk-in basis or by appointment.

Career Opportunity Corner | more
Student & Community Engagement makes available to employers a table they can use to recruit in a high traffic area in Building 11 outside the Teleport. Employers can use this to advertise PT or FT seasonal positons to the general student population. Students can stop and visit with the employers to find out the types of openings that are available and how to apply for those openings

Career Fairs | more
The Student & Community Engagement office conducts three annual Career Fairs, the Allied Health Career Fair, the Career Explorations Fair and the Virtual Career Fair. Click the title link to read more about individual Fair dates and times.

Resume Preparation and Critiquing
Anyone wishing to have a resume reviewed can schedule an appointment with the Student & Community Engagement office or drop the resume at the front desk Room 8025. Turnaround time on critiqued resumes is 1 to 3 days. If you do not currently have a resume, our staff will provide you with information on how to create one utilizing best practices.

Employment Counseling
Individual wishing to speak to an Employment Counselor can make an appointment with Academic Advising to meet with a Career Development counselor. Appointments can be made by calling (937) 512-2772.

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