Career Services InfoFlyers/Handouts

The Career Services office makes available numerous employment related handouts. Traditionally a visit to the office was necessary to acquire copies of the handouts. Career Services, dedicated to the principles of Student Centered learning and strong customer service  is now providing downloadable access to the Flyer/Handout collection. As the material is updated with the new Career Services name it will be added to the listing below.

20 Employment Websites  *Listing of twenty different employment websites for job searching.
Action Verbs  *Action words to add pop to resume.
Awesome Applications  *How to complete applications for jobs effectively.
Behavioral Interviewing  *Behavioral interviews stress real life situational responses. This flyer lists some common interview questions.
Career Success   *Step by step guide to career planning from career assessment to career realization.
Cover Letter *Cover Letter Format and Sample.
Discover Flyer  *Discover Informational Flyer.
Dressing for Success  *How to Dress for a Successful Interviews and Job Fairs.
Employment Services  Flyer outlining the graduate Employer Services.
Researching Careers  *Research job charachteristics by contacting persons employed in the field and using career websites.
Interview Skills Quiz  *Assess your Interview readiness.
Telephone Interviewing  *Tips for Interviewing by phone.
Interview Questions  *Standard interview questions most likely asked.

Job Fairs 

*How to use Job Fairs effectively in your job search.

JobLink Essentials 

*JobLink Employment Website.
Networking  *How to establish contacts and market oneself.
Resume Explained  *Simple, straightforward tips for resume development.
Resume Dos & Donts  *What to do and not do in preparing a resume.
Sample Resumes  *A sample of the combination, chronological and functional resume.
Resume Formatting  *Explanation about basic resume formatting.
Social Networking  *The ins and outs of Social Networking.
Summary of Qualifications Speeches  *Summary of Qualifications Speeches.
Telephone Strategies  *How to use the phone in your job search strategy.
Ten Rules  *Ten Rule for Personal Success.
Thank You Letters

*How to write a good cover letter and how and when to use them.

Transferrable Skills

*How to write a good cover letter and how and when to use them.

"Who would you hire?"

*Interviewing techniques and considerations