Foreign Student Deposit Refund Form

  1. Foreign Student Deposit refunds are issued by CHECK ONLY and mailed by regular US Postal Service.
    Sinclair Community College WILL NOT issue cash refunds or hand deliver checks.

  2. Refund checks are mailed within ten business days IF:

    A) a written request is received by the Bursar Office and,

    B) the student withdraws or dismissed from Sinclair Community College, or the student is in his/her final term at Sinclair Community College and all tuition and fees for the final term have been paid in full, and

    C) there are no holds or other balance owed by the student to the college.

  3. Refund checks MUST be issued in the name of the person designated on the Foreign Student Deposit Form. If the Depositor requested that any refunds be returned to him/her, then the Depositor will receive the refund.

I am seeking a refund because:
I am due to graduate from Sinclair Community College this term. 
I have graduated or withdrawn from ALL classes this term (prior to filing this request), and will not be returning to Sinclair Community College.
I have been dismissed from Sinclair Community College.
Other (explain)

By selecting Yes below, I acknowledge that I understand the information contained in this form, including that if my Sponsor requested refunds to be returned to him/her, I will not receive the refund being requested.

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