Tuition Refund Appeal Information

The Refund Appeals Committee meets toward the end of each term. Please submit forms no later than the 9th week of a given term for the committee's review. The meeting dates are subject to change so please email or call 937-512-2606 to confirm the meeting date.

Instructions for Filing a Refund Appeal for Financial Aid Students

Prior to submitting this request, check with the Office of Financial Aid to see what effect dropping your course(s) will have on your aid. If the appeal is granted, this could result in the student owing for tuition, books purchased and/or refund received. 

The Committee will NOT consider a Refund Appeal if any of the following conditions exists:
  • Course(s) were not officially dropped or student has received a grade other than a “W.”
  • Course(s) dropped for work related reasons (e.g., promotions, added hours, shift changes, etc.). The Dean of the division will attempt, if possible, to place you in another section of the same course that is more compatible with your work schedule, but you MUST contact that particular division.
  • Drops occurring later than halfway through the term
  • NOTE: A refund appeal has no effect on the final grade. A "W" will remain on your record and appear on transcripts. If you are requesting a grade, you must file an Academic Petition with the Vice President and Provost Office; call 937-512-2522 with questions.
If the above factors do NOT apply, then the Committee will consider a Refund Appeal when:
  • The request is submitted within twelve (12) months of the date the student withdraws from a particular class. AND
  • Your withdrawal is based on a medical emergency involving yourself or a medical emergency or death involving a member of your immediate family, which includes a: spouse, mother, father, sister, brother or child. 

Please Note: grandparents, aunts, and uncles are not considered immediate family for a refund. Partial refunds may be given based on the date of formal withdrawal.

Required for a Medical Emergency Withdrawal

  • In medical situations, your refund request MUST be accompanied by a Physician’s statement, on the Physician’s letterhead, verifying the medical condition and the date(s) the student is unable to attend class.
  • In the case of a death of a family member, you MUST include an obituary or other formal notice. 
The Committee will review and act upon all refund requests submitted. In addition to the situations described above, the Committee will generally act favorably in instances of verifiable mistakes or errors on the part of the college.
REMINDER: The Committee meets only once per term and you will be notified of the decision by mail. Please verify current address with the Registration & Student Records Office.
Return completed Refund Appeal Form, along with documentation to:
Sinclair Community College
Bursar Office, Room 10244
444 West Third Street
Dayton, OH 45402
Forms may also be faxed to 937-512-2391 or submitted online. Call 937-512-2606 with questions.