Student Success Workshop

If you are dismissed, you must read or complete all of the following academic success exercises before you can register for the next term.  Your academic advisor will go over your responses with you at your next meeting.


  1. Read Academic Rules and Regulations
  2. Print and Complete Academic Success Exercises
  3. Review Sinclair Resources
  4. Complete Student Success Quiz



1.  Read:

Academic Rules and Regulations


·       Academic Probation and Dismissal Policy

·       Course Drop Policy and Procedure

·       Course Withdrawal Dates

·        Repeat Course Work


3.  Review:

Sinclair Resources

·        Career Planning and Placement

·        Combating Test Anxiety

·        Counseling Services  and Veterans Assistance

·        Educational Support Services

·       Financial Aid and Scholarships

·        Learning Labs

·         Student Support Services

·         Study Skills

·         Supplemental Instruction

·         Tutorial Services

·         Writing Center



2.  Print and Complete:

Academic Success Exercises
Bring completed forms to your next counseling appointment.



4.  Complete:

Student Success Quiz by clicking here