My Academic Plan (MAP)
Get Mapped

Sinclair has developed the MAP program to help ensure that your college completion is a goal that you can clearly visualize and confidently reach.

MAP stands for My Academic Plan; it is a program made up of software tools and advising guidelines designed to help make sure your academic course is cleanly plotted and easy for you to follow.

How Can MAP Help Me?

First, MAP helps you design a customized and efficient program of study. Then, MAP helps you link together all of the components of your school career—from course offerings to registration—so you can see and anticipate the decisions that will shape your college career. Finally, MAP helps to keep you on track by helping you and your advisor monitor your progress along your educational route. This keeps you pointed toward program completion and prevents course redundancy and confusing semester-transition decisions.

How Do I Create a MAP?

The first and most important step in creating your MAP is meeting with your academic advisor. Your advisor will help you in planning your path and creating your MAP online. Just make an appointment to get started.

How Do I Use MAP?

Working with your advisor, you can use the system to view your plan, search for courses and find the classes you need to progress toward your goal. The MAP program links to the course catalog and to your schedule so that you can always see both where you are and what lies ahead of you. You can log in and view your MAP on my.sinclair or on the Sinclair mobile site on your mobile device.

View a video tutorial on how to access your map and register for classes online.

Get Mapped Today!

The sooner you have a MAP in place, the easier it will be for you to make the transition to semesters and transfer credits to four-year colleges. Contact Sinclair's Academic Advising department to make an appointment with your advisor:

Dayton Campus: (937) 512-3700
Courseview Campus Center: (513) 339-1212
Englewood Learning Center: (937) 836-8750
Huber Heights Learning Center: (937) 233-5550
Preble County Learning Center: (937) 456-5252
Distance Learning: (937) 512-2990