What's Changing?

Academic Terms Quarters Semesters
Terms (not including summer) 3: Fall, Winter, Spring 2: Fall, Spring
Winter Break Approx. 5 weeks (Thanksgiving-
New Year’s Day)
Approx. 3 weeks
(End of Dec.-
2nd week of January)
Summer Session 10 weeks total 12 weeks total
Spring Break 12th week of year
(mid to end of March)
10th week of year (begin. to mid March)
Length of Mini-term 5 weeks 8 weeks
Credit Hours per Year (based on full-time student at 15 hours per term) 45 30
Length of Term (including 1 week for final exams) 11 weeks 16 weeks


Average Number of Classes Taken Quarters Semesters
Per Term 4 5
Per Academic Year 12 10


(based on Fall 2011 rates)
Quarters Semesters
Cost per Term
(based on 15 credit hours per term)
$768 $1,152
Cost per Credit Hour
(based on in-county rate)
$51.20 $76.80


Class Numbers Quarters Semesters
Class numbering system 3 numbers
(ENG 111)
4 numbers
(ENG 1101)


FACTS Payment Plan Quarters Semesters
Number of payments due
(if enrolling during the first FACTS enrollment period)
4 5
Amount of each payment
(based on in-county rate at 15 credit hours per term)
$192.00 $230.40