With its initial two course offerings in 1887, Sinclair Community College began a commitment to the Dayton region that remains firm today: to prepare the area's workforce for the careers of both today's marketplace and the growing regional markets of the near future.

Manufacturing and technical career positions go unfilled every day in the Dayton region, and with more budding industries gaining influence in the area-advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, unmanned aerial systems and information technology - Sinclair is driven to help shape a skilled, forward-looking workforce to support these industries as they grow. Forecasts suggest that these industries will see double-digit growth over the next decade, as technology advances and new applications develop.

With innovative programs in new and growing technical fields, Sinclair is taking the next step in helping to build a skilled, sustainable workforce for the Dayton region, today and in the future.

Dr. Johnson

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graduates on average annually.
transfers to university on average annually.
IT certifications over the last five years.
registered nurses over the last five years.
EMTs over the last five years.
firefighters over the last five years.
police officers over the last five years.
paralegals over the last five years.