Young Scholars Program

The Young Scholars Program is a unique five-year experience designed to provide first generation students residing in Montgomery County an opportunity to become academically and socially prepared to enter college. The program offers 12, four-hour Saturday workshops during the fall, winter, and spring terms.  These terms coincide with the educational theme for each grade level.  In addition, computer literacy is offered to every grade level.  The educational themes are as follows: 

  • Eighth grade - Personal and Academic Development
  • Ninth grade - Academic Development
  • Tenth grade - Ohio Graduation Test Preparation
  • Eleventh grade - Career Exploration, Leadership Development, and Academics
  • Twelfth grade - College Enrollment Preparation and Academics

 For more information, please contact Patty Peters, YS Interim Coordinator,  (937) 512-3730 or (937) 512-5187, or e-mail