Welcome to the School & Community Partnerships Division

The programs within this department are designed to help middle and high school age students prepare for college and even earn college credit while still in high school.

Sinclair Community College's Pre-College Programs:

  1. Strengthen partnerships with area schools and agencies by providing supplemental education and programs
  2. Offer a variety of pre-college educational opportunities
  3. Expand operations to support the Fast Forward Center 
  4. Encourage students' personal growth and development
  5. Provide social, cultural and academic readiness activities


 Advanced College Entry  Grades 7*-12   ACE is open to upper-middle and high school students (except those enrolled in Sinclair's PSEO, Tech Prep, Quick Start and Seniors to Sophomores programs).  Program participants are provided enrollment and advising services to complete and obtain college credit from a number of approved courses offered at Sinclair.  *In limited cases, enrollment is at the discretion of the Office of Pre-College Programs and the Academic Divisions given course content and academic rigor.

Carl D. Perkins IV Act   Funded through the Ohio Department of Education and Board of Regents, Perkins funding is used to promote academic achievement, career and technical education, strengthen connections between secondary and post-secondary education, and improve state and local level accountability.

Educational Talent Search  Grades 8-12   Watch for more information coming soon! 

Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium (MVTPC)  Grades 9-12   The MVTPC enables students to meaningfully experience a career/technical field of study at the high school level and simultaneously earn college credits. Tech Prep students can graduate from high school with college credits posted on a Sinclair transcript and earn Sinclair's Tech Prep Scholarship, allowing them to pursue and complete a wide variety of certificates and degree programs in preparation for industry specific jobs and/or additional post-secondary education at four-year colleges and universities.

Post-Secondary Enrollment Options  Grades 9-12    PSEO permits high school students in grades 9-12 to take college classes while still enrolled in high school.  All interested student must obtain Sinclair's PSEO information and application from their high school guidance counselor.

Quick Start  Grades 11-12   This institutionally supported program offers transcripted college courses in STEM and STEM-supported classes to junior and senior students from eight partnering Montgomery County schools.  Quick Start gives participating students an opportunity to experience college life and engage in cohort learning communities that support their career aspirations and academic goals. 

Seniors to Sophomores  Grade 12   Dayton Public High School seniors who attend Ponitz Career Technology Center have the opportunity to pursue college studies on a University System of Ohio campus, Sinclair Community College.  Students complete their final year of high school and earn dual credit for their freshman year of college.  In addition to their regularly scheduled classes, students participate in a customized academic enriched support program to ensure their sucess.

Upward Bound  Grades 9-12   A federally-funded program for low-income and/or first-generation students, Upward Bound is designed to increase the probability that participants will complete high school, matriculate to college, and complete a program of study at a post-secondary institution.  The program provides a comprehensive ACT prep and review, supplemental education in core classes, academic advising and personal counseling, cultural events and college tours, and a six-week summer program to include a bridge program for graduating seniors. 

Virtual Community Schools of Ohio Collaborative   Sinclair's Office of Pre-College Programs provides VCS students an enriched education and face-to-face tutoring from student tutorial staff.  This partnering grant includes program support from Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, Dayton Art Institute, and Montgomery County Education Service Center to provide an emotionally secure and stimulating environment where students experience success in educational activities and social environments.  

Young Scholars Program Grades 8-12  Sinclair's first pre-college program prepares first-generation students within Montgomery County to be academically ready to pursue higher education.  The program focuses on academic preparation for OGT completion, career and leadership development, and college preparation seminars.  Upon graduation from high school and YSP, students receive a financial aid package to Sinclair to cover tuition, fees, and books for three consecutive years.