Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to have individual web pages on the server?
All active Sinclair faculty and staff (full or part-time). NOTE: Individual web space is NOT available to student employees. Individual web space is NOT to be used for Sinclair departmental pages.

How do I apply for space?
An online request form for individual web space is available at people request form

How much space am I allowed?
25 Mb.

How long after applying for individual web space does it become available?
Three (3) business day. You will receive a confirmation email when the space becomes available.

What is the cost?
There is no cost.

What if I exceed my space limit?
You may request additional space beyond the initial limit. However, requests for additional server space beyond the default limit must be coordinated through the IT Help Desk and require written approval from the appropriate Dean or Director.

Where do I go for help?
First go to Techical Support. If you can't find the help you need there, contact the IT Help Desk at 512-HELP (4357) or

What web development technologies and software are supported?
This information is available at Technical Support link on the left nav bar for information on supported technologies.

What are the rules for individual web space use?
See the "Individual Web Space Use Agreement" document on the online request form. This document lists the requirements and standards for individual web space at Sinclair Community College. You must read this document and click on "I Agree" before you can submit your online request for individual web space.

Who can view my individual web pages?
Anybody! Individual web pages are available and viewable by the entire Internet community or World Wide Web.

How long will my individual Web space remain active?
As long as you are an active faculty or staff member at Sinclair Community College (see the Network Account Procedures document on the Sinclair Intranet for a definition of an active employee) and you have not violated any applicable College policies or public laws including copyright while using the individual web space service.

Where is my home page on the Web?
The URL for all individual web pages at Sinclair is Your individual URL would be network username without the dot. The URL for John Doe would be:

Can I change my URL?
The format of the URL is tied to the individual's username and cannot vary from that format. If a user requests, and is approved for, a change to his/her username, he/she may also request that his/her URL for individual Web space be changed to match. Changes in links that reference that revised URL are the responsibility of the user.

Can I request another domain name?
No, the College will NOT host domain names other than

How do I transfer (publish) my files to the Web?
You can use the Web Browser Instructions or WSFTP instructions for publishing on the web.

Who is responsible for maintenance of my individual web space?
You are! The College is NOT responsible for maintenance of your individual web space. This includes, but is not limited to, broken links and outdated content.

How do I make changes to my Web pages?
See the Technical Support document at for information on how to make changes to your individual web pages. Changes made to the pages are viewable immediately.

Should I make backup copies of my individual web pages?
Yes! IT will maintain backup copies of your individual web pages. However, in order to assure proper backup and quick recovery, you should also maintain your own backup copies.

Is training available?
Contact the Professional Development Center (PDC) or QA & IT Learning for any available web-related training.

Why does my page not show after I have FTP my file to the Server
Your starting page must have a file called index.htm or index.html. Without this page the server can not find your information. The server software is designed to automatically detect a index.htm or index.html file and display that page, it will not look for any other name. Once the index page has been created and uploaded to the server your subsidiary pages can have any name you want them to have.