The Urban African American Mentoring program is designed to serve and support African American second year students with Sinclair Faculty and Staff who provide guidance and encouragement to help them reach their educational goals.

Create an encouraging environment for urban African American students to persist, transfer and/or graduate from Sinclair Community College.


  • Recruit (40) students for the 2010-2011 academic year.
  • Recruit and train (80) full-time faculty and staff mentors.
  • Establish a professional and academic community amongst mentors and students.
  • Mentor teams will participate in selected quarterly and annual programmed events to support mentee goals and to foster relationships.


  • To develop a recruitment plan and orientation for (40) students for the 2010-2011 academic year.
  • To design and facilitate quarterly training sessions for mentors.
  • To develop a recruitment plan and orientation for (80) mentors for the 2010-2011 academic year.
  • To build relationships between students, mentors, and the Sinclair community through on and off campus activities.
  • To provide access to community and college resources.
  • To develop qualitative and quantitative assessments to measure students’ academic progress as defined by the program expectations.


  • Retain 75% of students recruited.
  • Retain 90% of mentors recruited.
  • Students and Mentors will attend 75% of scheduled UAAMP meetings and activities.
  • Review mentor and mentee assessments for process and program improvement. 
  • Design and upload a comprehensive ANGEL Community with resources for students and mentors.