Faculty Senate Minutes

May 16, 2007


Officers attending: Nick Reeder, President; Jackie Myers, Vice President; James Brooks, Secretary


Senators attending: Derek Allen, Jennifer Barr, Moez Ben-Azzouz, Luis Gonzalez, James Houdeshell, Eric Kraus, Amanda Romero, Cindy Schoonover, Tom Singer, Charles C. Williams


Senators not attending: Mohammad Ali, Mark Echtner


Others attending: Bill Boyko, Dona Fletcher, Bill Lejeune, Laurel Mayer, Ned Young, Shari Rethman


Nick called the meeting to order at 2:30 pm in Rm. 7342.


1. Approval of Minutes


Minutes for the Faculty Senate meeting of May 2 were approved with minor corrections.


2. Presidentís Report: Nick Reeder


††† 2.1 FIT Update


Nick shared that the faculty members of the Faculty Issues Team had held a strategy meeting to discuss options in the event there is not a positive resolution to the discussions with the administration. At the most recent FIT meeting with the administration, Jeff Boudouris disclosed that the state budget was still ďin flux,Ē which is very unusual for this time in the budget cycle, and that it appeared there might be no definitive information forthcoming until June 30, which is after the Sinclair Board meets in June, the meeting at which the Sinclair budget for FY 2007-2008 is approved.

The next FIT meeting is May 25, the last FIT meeting scheduled before the Board Finance Committee meets to finalize the budget for presentation at the June Board of Trustees meeting.With the faculty members of FIT directed to stand by their proposal by Faculty Senate, the question was raised about what to do if the administration presented an unacceptable package to the Board with no raise or a nominal raise, such as 1% across the board. A lengthy discussion followed, with a number of ideas suggested, including having the faculty members of FIT refuse to sign the agreement, opting instead to send our original proposal to the Board.

It was also suggested that faculty as a whole could choose to reject the

administrationís offer on principle rather than agree to a token raise, while supporting FITís continuing efforts to reach a satisfactory agreement that aims at bringing Sinclairís average faculty salary nearer to or up to third in the state in the next three years.Concerns were raised about how faculty would react to a Senate recommendation to reject outright any unsatisfactory salary offer.Several senators felt that the faculty would be supportive; others were uncertain.The point was made that much would depend upon the administrationís response to facultyís mandate for making significant progress toward reaching third in the state with respect to average salary within the next three years.To this, some senators felt that prior history of unfulfilled agreements should make faculty wary of long-term commitments from the administration.

The possibility of collective bargaining was mentioned, with several senators suggesting that the faculty should be informed of the process and the potential for adopting such a course of action.As a way to help faculty become informed about such options, it was suggested that representatives from AAUP, AFT, etc. could be invited to make presentations at the Fall Faculty Assembly meeting, September 4.


†† 2.2 Assembly Elections


Nick shared results of the election, indicating Bill Boyko would be President-Elect, Susan Callender would be secretary, and Laurel Mayer would continue as Representative to Leadership Council.


Senators were reminded that even though reorganization would more than likely change the number and names of the divisions, elections should be held according to current Handbook guidelines.Nick also indicated he would be sending out reminders about positions open for appointment in each division, and that those appointments would be made by Senate as has been done in the past. Any Handbook changes that would need to be made as a result of reorganization would be made in the coming year after the reorganization plan is finalized.


With respect to the composition of FIT, Senate passed a motion to re-appoint Eric Kraus for another 3-year term and to maintain Jackie Myers as a member of the team.


†† 2.3 Reorganization Meeting with Provost Council/DCC Executive Committee


After an extended discussion about the proís and conís of Senate attending a meeting on May 18 with the Provost Council and the Department Chairpersonsí Council Executive Committee to discuss reorganization options, Senate directed Nick to request that the meeting be cancelled. The consensus was that without any new information to share, such a meeting could not be productive. Furthermore, Senate approved a motion directing senators not to attend the meeting in the event it was not cancelled.


††2.4 Online Survey


A Zoomerang survey on possible features of a new compensation model will be administered online to faculty May 29 through June 8.


3. Unfinished Business: Survey of Faculty Sentiment


††† This item was not discussed.


4. New Business


There was no new business.


5. Announcements


††† Next meeting: May 30, 2007, Rm. 7342, 2:30 pm.



The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.


Submitted by James Brooks


Approved by Senate: May 30, 2007