Faculty Senate Minutes

October 26, 2005


Call to order: Cindy called the meeting to order at 2:35 in the Alumni Room and declared a quorum present


Officers attending: Cindy Beckett, President; Linda Pastore, Secretary


Senators attending: Marsha Wamsley, Derek Allen, Mohamed Ali, Tom Singer, James Houdeshell, Charles C. Williams, James Brooks, Mark Echtner, Amanda Romero, Art Ross, Moez Ben-Azzouz


Senators not attending: Jennifer Barr


Others attending: Laurel Mayer, Dona Fletcher, Carrie Larger


1.  Approval of Minutes

Motion was made by Tom Singer to approve the minutes for the October 12, 2005 Senate meeting.  The motion passed.


2.  Officer’s Report


Frank DePalma, Interim VPI, addressed the Senate with a question and answer session. Frank shared that he is working and meeting with Deans and Chairs to look at what work needs to have resolution this year. He will not be involved in the merit or promotion process.  He is a member of the FITS team and will be meeting with Ned Young.


3.  Committee Reports

RCF05-01: Revision for Office Hours 2.4.4 has been sent to the Academic Policies Committee. 


Instructional Council is in the process of reviewing procedures for proposing policy changes.  They are assessing the current process to ensure that all necessary departments and staff have an opportunity to give feedback on the possible effects of policy revisions/changes. 


RCF05-01 may be used as a “pilot study” to test procedures for policy revisions/changes.


4.  Special Orders




5.  Unfinished Business

Cindy requested volunteers to research other college websites for ideas on what to include on our website and to view their Faculty Handbooks.  The purpose of this is to benchmark other colleges as references to facilitate discussion and to have specific references for future proposals.


Members requested that Cindy create a master list of what she has already found.  Senate suggested that Cindy request a hard copy of Faculty Handbooks from League Schools.


Senate continued the discussion of 2.7.4 in the Faculty Handbook: Definition of Tenure.


Please note that there has been no formal feedback from administration concerning the Position Paper submitted by Cindy and Nick. This paper will be in the Faculty Forum.


6.  New Business

Moez discussed the feedback he received from LAS faculty concerning the Strategic Plan. 

Senators were encouraged to keep faculty informed and to solicit feedback for changes/improvements to the Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Plan is not complete at this time; it is a document in progress.


Senate began the discussion concerning the best ways to inform faculty and encourage faculty involvement. The Faculty Senate website was discussed as one way to display important issues.



Meeting adjourned at 4:05.



Submitted by Linda Pastore

Approved by Senate: November 9, 2005