Faculty Senate Minutes

April 19, 2006

Call to order: Cindy declared a quorum and called the meeting to order at 2:34.


Officers attending: Cindy Beckett, President; Nick Reeder, Vice President; Linda Pastore, Secretary


Senators attending: Mohamed Ali, Tom Singer, James Houdeshell, Charles C. Williams, James Brooks, Mark Echtner, Amanda Romero, Moez Ben-Azzouz


Senators not attending: Marsha Wamsley, Jennifer Barr, Derek Allen, Art Ross


Others attending: Laurel Mayer, Dona Fletcher


1.  Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the April 5 meeting were approved with minor edits.


2.  Officer’s Report

Board of Trustees:

Cindy reported on the Board meeting held April 11.  The Board discussed the possible implications for using money from Sinclair’s reserve accounts.  At this time the board is considering possible budget reductions as they wait to hear from the State for next year’s budget allotment.


The Board also discussed the implications of Blackwell’s Tel/Tabor legislation proposal.


3.  Committee Reports

Retrenchment Committee:

Jim Brooks reported that Janet Jones, Dee Delaney, Saundra Schuster, and Janet Cooper, from administration, are looking at policies, legal issues, etc. in order to draft a framework for a college-wide retrenchment policy.


Jim will solicit input from faculty on how his committee should proceed.



Cindy & Tom gave the following report.

Due to not knowing the budget information from the State, the College budget is delayed and at this time there is no salary information to report. Please note that the budget must be in place by the Board Meeting in June.


The FITS team has requested a meeting to discuss overload pay, tuition reimbursement not being tied to Wright State University, early retirement, and supplemental pay.


4.  Special Orders



5.  Unfinished Business

Cindy and Nick shared the results of the Office Hour vote at Instructional Council.

The Office Hour recommendation passed.  The Office Hour recommendation has been forwarded to the President for his decision.


Nick shared the finalized version for the on-line pilot survey.  Linda will send out notice to all faculty asking for their participation.


Senate reviewed responses for the feedback summary of the Leadership Summit Meeting.  Motion was passed to send the feedback summary to Dr. Johnson.


Motion was passed for the following recommendation # RcS06-01:


Statement of Recommendation: All overload pay earned in the Fall, Winter, or Spring Quarter will be paid in (2) parts.  The first half will be paid on the first scheduled pay after the fifth week of the quarter.  The second half will be paid on the first scheduled pay after the last day of classes in the respective quarter.



Brief statement of rationale for Recommendation:  Currently, the “Overload Pay Schedule” states:  All overload pay earned in the quarter will be paid in full on the first scheduled pay after the last day of classes in the respective quarter (Section 2.4.5 in the Faculty Handbook).  The majority of faculty would like to have their Overload Pay paid in two parts, one in the middle of the quarter and the other at the end of the quarter.


6.  New Business


Cindy and Linda presented information about Sinclair’s participation in the Achieving the Dream (AtD) project.  For more information visit www.achievingthedream.org


7.  Announcements


The Spring Assembly Meeting and Elections will be May 17.



The meeting was adjourned at 4:00.


Submitted by Linda Pastore

Approved by Senate: May 3, 2006