Faculty Senate Minutes

May 3, 2006


Call to order: Cindy declared a quorum and called the meeting to order at 2:31.


Officers attending: Cindy Beckett, President; Nick Reeder, Vice President; Linda Pastore, Secretary


Senators attending: Marsha Wamsley, Jennifer Barr, Derek Allen, Mohamed Ali, Tom Singer, James Houdeshell, Charles C. Williams, James Brooks, Mark Echtner, Moez Ben-Azzouz


Senators not attending: Amanda Romero, Art Ross


Others attending: Laurel Mayer


1.  Approval of Minutes

Minutes were approved with no changes.


2.  Officer’s Report

Online Survey Results & Next Steps

Nick reported that there was a 14% response rate for the pilot survey. 

The faculty input suggested the following:

No changes to the current 66 payload hours for faculty.

Recommend name changes for the Tartan Campus Store and Teleports.


Motion was passed to waive the waiting period for voting on the name changes recommendation (RcSp06-02).


Motion was passed to forward RcSp06-02 to Frank DePalma, Interim VPI.


Statement of Recommendation: That the Tartan Campus Store be renamed the “Bookstore,” and that the Teleports be renamed “Computer Labs.”


Brief statement of rationale for Recommendation: The proposed names are more easily understood and remembered than the current names. Changing the names will make navigating the campus easier for students and visitors, and will extend the spirit of the College’s recent decision to rename the Learning Center the “Library.”






3.  Committee Reports



4.  Special Orders



5.  Unfinished Business

Assembly Meeting May 17, Room 4001 3-4:30 (Cindy)


Cindy conducted a discussion concerning possible agenda items and election processes and procedures.


6.  New Business (Open Forum)

Proposed Tel/Tabor Legislation

Saundra Schuster presented information concerning the proposed Constitutional Amendment: TEL/TABOR Tax and Expenditure Limitation/Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, authored by Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, and the possible implications for community colleges.


Assembly Constitution Amendments

Nick presented his recommendation for changes to the procedures for Faculty Assembly Elections.  He requested the Senators read these recommendations in preparation for the Senate meeting on May 31.


OATYC Nominations

Cindy reminded Senate that she still needs (2) faculty nominations.


Creative and Scholarly Endeavors/DL Policies

Cindy conducted a discussion concerning the issues of copyright and ownership rights for faculty.  Senate will continue to address these issues by looking at discrepancies, conflicts, and gaps in current policies and procedures.


7.  Announcements

Assembly Meeting May 17, Room 4011 at 3:00 p.m.

Next Senate Meeting May 31, 2006, Alumni Room


Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 4:00.




Submitted by Linda Pastore

Approved by Senate: August 23, 2006