Miss Your Chance to Rock Out All Summer?

Fall Quarter 2010 is your chance to hear all the tunes from the last 60 years without paying those hefty ticket fees!

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Sinclair is excited to offer MUS 125: The History of Rock Music online this fall term! From the comfort of your own home or even a tour bus, this online class is designed to explore the world of popular music from the early 1950's to present day.

Whether you're into punk, country, disco, metal or hip-hop, this class covers it all! It takes you backstage to discover the historical, social, and cultural factors behind rock and roll—a musical form that broke racial boundaries, sweeping across the country and eventually the world.

What's Covered?

  • Popular Music Styles
    including boogie woogie, jazz, swing, delta blues, gospel, country western, rhythm and blues, and, of course, rock and roll
  • Rockabilly Innovators
    like Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Pivotal Artists
  • Influential Recordings
  • Technology & the Music Industry
  • Basic Musical Elements
    such as rhythm, form, and instrumentation
  • and much more…

About the Course

Sinclair is offering two sections of MUS 125: History of Rock Music for the fall 2010 term. This three credit hour course is offered through SinclairOnline and the college's music department.

You can also take a look at the MUS 125 master syllabus online to learn more about how this course works and what will be covered.

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