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Information for SinclairOnline Students May 15, 2013
Meet SinclairOnline Student Jenna
SinclairOnline Student Jenna

Name: Jenna

City: Zanesville, OH

Major: Business Management certificate and associate degree

Graduation: Spring 2013

"I chose Sinclair for its flexible distance learning options and reasonable tuition rates. I made a fantastic choice. I was able to complete classes around my family's schedule within a budget that worked for us. Sinclair's dedicated staff have been an integral part of my success. From registration and advising to 24/7 access to my classes and instructors, Sinclair has created a community dedicated to every student's success no matter their needs."

Funding Sources Available For Military Spouses

Becoming college educated carries certain challenges for any student. Military spouses can have added challenges that most students are not familiar with such as frequent relocation, manning a household during a deployment, and working outside the home. There often can be additional obstacles that many military spouses can encounter, but like many students one of the most pressing questions is, "How can I pay for college?"

When it comes to funding an education, military spouses do have several options that may work for their specific needs. Along with FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) which is open for all students wishing to apply for either grants or loans, military spouses can apply for MyCAA, a spousal program that allows up to $4,000 for degree programs or certificates that result in a portable career such as Nursing or Education, the VA's Spouse and Dependents Education Program (DEA), state provided benefits allocated specifically for military families and private grants and scholarships that are set up to benefit those who have served and their families. An additional option for funding is transferring a spouse's Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits for use provided certain criteria is met.

To learn more about available funding options, visit's education page.

For more information, contact Emily at

The Steward

Steward: One put in charge of funds (Webster's Dictionary)

Whether you realize it or not, as a Sinclair Community College student, you are a steward. Students are like investment managers responsible for earning good returns on investments. An investment manager is put in charge of funds, so by definition they are stewards.

If you are not sure how going to Sinclair makes you an investment manager, consider this: For each dollar that Sinclair spends on your education, roughly sixty-seven cents is provided by taxpayers who work in Ohio or own property in Montgomery County. These investors support Sinclair because decades of research have demonstrated the existence of a strong link between educational attainment and economic prosperity.

To be a good steward, you need to take your education seriously and realize that your investors are depending on you to acquire new skills and put them to productive use. When you make the transition from school to work, you become an investor whose investment is in the hands of future students.

For more information, contact John at

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May 20–August 11

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May 27: Memorial Day
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