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January 2014

Hi, my name is Austin, and I am here to answer your library questions!

I started as a Librarian at Sinclair in January of 2010 and specialize in providing online resources and assistance for online students. I interned at The Ohio State University Library and worked at Denison University where I focused on digital recourses. I earned my Bachelors in History from OSU and my Masters in Library & Information Science from Kent State. Check out the library web site for my contact information:

American FlagCan the library help me enhance my homework with videos and other tools?


Do you have a PowerPoint presentation due? Are you tired of only citing books and articles as sources? See if streaming video, music, or images can enhance your work. You will find that the Library has subscriptions to a couple of providers for streaming media. You can find all of them in our Digital Music, Videos, & Images guide.

How can OhioLINK help me?

If you live in Ohio, OhioLINK offers a great way to get books, movies, and other items that are unavailable at the Sinclair Library.

What is OhioLINK?

OhioLINK is a consortium of 88 Ohio college and university libraries and the State Library of Ohio.

You can search the OhioLINK Library Catalog for items that you want, and then have them sent to Sinclair, any of its Learning Centers, or any other OhioLINK Library. To request an item:

  1. Click on the Green Request Button graphic.
  2. Select Sinclair from the list of institutions.
  3. Put in your last name and your 9-digit Tartan number (add zeros in front if yours is not 9).
  4. Select where you want it sent.

More detailed instructions can be found here. If you want it sent to Sinclair, select Sinclair, then either the Dayton campus, or any of the branches. If you live closer to say, Ohio State, you can have it sent there. It goes to the main branch of all libraries unless otherwise stated. If successful, it will let you know where it is being sent from. You should get a notice in your my.sinclair email within 3-5 business days that your item is ready. Go to the location, present your Tartan Card or picture ID, and you can pick up your item. They generally hold the items 3-10 days. If you are unable to request an item, it is usually due to restrictions. Try another version or give us a call at 937-512-3004 and we can look into it. If OhioLINK does not have the item, you can also try SearchOhio which is a consortium of public libraries that functions the same way as OhioLINK, but has more popular (less-scholarly) materials.

Does the library have textbooks I can use for my classes?


The Sinclair Library has something called Course Reserves. These are textbooks, DVDs, VHS, some sample quizzes, and supplemental books that are required for courses. They have been put in the library by the departments or instructors for students to use. Most are 3-hour library use only; however some are 1-day or 1-week loans. Not every class has materials on reserve. To find out what is on reserve for your class, go to Course Reserves and type in your class (ie: ENG 1101 or just ENG), or use the option to look up your instructor’s name. Unfortunately, these materials are tied to the Sinclair Library and do not circulate like regular items. However, some books can be found online as eBooks, especially for CIS classes. You can search for eBooks in our catalog or use the E-Books guide to see if there is anything useful. In addition, you might try searching the OhioLINK Library Catalog to see if they have either the most current or a recent textbook that you can request.

How can I use the library if I can't get to campus?

Getting started with online library resources.

To start, you can visit our Library guide at It puts together many resources into one guide and was designed with you in mind. Of course you can always check out our main webpage at You can quickly search for books, articles, and media (including online resources) using Libsearch. Alternatively, you can browse our online subject and class guides, called LibGuides for resources on that topic. Have questions you want to ask us, or need information? You can check out our online knowledge bank, LibAnswers, or live chat with us online during normal library hours. (After hours, use OhioLINK’s Know-it-Now service). If Sinclair does not have physical items you are looking for, you can always try OhioLINK.

How do I find articles?

You can search for articles three different ways:

  1. Search for topics via LibSearch - it pulls articles from almost every database we have.
  2. Search by database by going to the A to Z List of Databases , if you know a particular database to use.
  3. Search by title by going to the A to Z List of E-Journals/E-Periodicals , if you know a particular title.

Some of the most popular databases include: Academic Search Complete, Opposing Viewpoints, Business Source Complete, CQ Researcher, CINAHL Complete, SIRS Researcher, SocIndex with Full Text, and Medline with Full Text.

Why is it important for me to properly cite my sources?

  • It is important to acknowledge the originator of an idea and where you found the idea.
  • Acknowledgment by proper citation provides credit to the originator and offers direction for further information about the idea you used in your assignment.
  • Failure to acknowledge the originator of the idea is plagiarism which is considered stealing the idea of another person.
  • Plagiarism is unacceptable and may result in severe consequences.

What is a scholarly resource?

A scholarly resource is one that is written and/or reviewed by people in academics. This table shows some of the differences between Journals/Trade Publications/Magazines (what are collectively called Periodicals). Good sources are: Academic journals (anything “scholarly”), trade publications, primary sources (original documents), most websites with .gov, .edu, and some .org, and of course most books found in libraries. Unreliable sources are: Wikipedia articles (as a whole), magazines, most blogs and .com websites, and some books (the “Dummies” books for example).

How do I cite my sources?

Citations are the listing of the resources providing the ideas in your assignment.  If you are using an online database to find your source, you will find that most have some sort of citation help for you. Some examples are any EBSCO database, Opposing Viewpoints, and CQ Researcher. It is highly recommended that you still review your Works Cited list before you hand in your assignment. This guide can point you to more citation help if you need it.

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